Christmas Decoration Tools For Blogs – A Round Up

It’s Christmas time again and I am sure you want to decorate your blog just the way, you decorate your Christmas tree. So, here’s a round up of all the Xmas special tutorials already published on BloggerStop that will help you to add different Xmas add-ons to your blog.

1. How to add Christmas stars, balls and snowflake icons to your blog;

Decorate Your Blog With These Awesome Xmas-Icons

2. How to add Christmas Carols to your blogspot/blogger blog

First of all, download the carols in MP3 format from these sites:
(i) Christmas carols
(ii) Christmas songs
And of course, you can search Google for more Christmas songs.

Then, follow this tutorial to add these carols to your blog:

Add An MP3 Music Player To Your BlogSpot Blog

3. How to add falling snowflakes to your blog

It has already started snowing around the world. So bring that snow to your blog too;

Add Falling Snowflakes / Flowers / Leaves to Your Blog

4. Bring back the child in you and your visitors…

Embed/Add Christmas Games To Your Blog

11 thoughts on “Christmas Decoration Tools For Blogs – A Round Up

  1. Hi Divya,

    I've done so many things to my blog following your tips, and I've just come accross this one. Funny thing is as I was browsing the web, I was thinking whether you had written something about this too! Happy to have found this. Thank YOUUUU. I'll definitely give it a try!

  2. Sai
    Thanks for the wishes and I wish you a very Happy Xmas and a great New Year as well.
    Its been a very good season on my blog. With some nice tips from Bloggerstop, I am learning new things to improve my user experience.
    Special thanks to you.


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