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Imagine you are on a trip to any island or a mountain, you have a digital camera but it’s memory just got filled up, you cannot delete any videos/pictures, you could not find any computer to transfer your pics nor any photo studio to get the print outs, and still the journey is on and you want to take some more pictures !
How about carrying a small printer with you. Don’t worry it would not add an extra pound to your luggage, as it is completely integrated with the digital camera itself and moreover you don’t even have to worry about it’s ink requirements as the new Digi-Cam reviewed below has an integrated printer with zero ink printing facility.
digital camera with printer
TOMY xiao™ TIP-521 is a 5 mega pixels Digital Camera with 16 MB memory, xiao™ is a first of its kind integrated digital camera and printer that allows consumers to capture, view, and immediately print their digital images without ink, anywhere. The xiao™ produces borderless, full-color, 2×3″ (5×7,6 cm) prints in less than 60 seconds. It also features an IrDA receiver so that you can print images sent to the xiao™ wirelessly from other IrDA devices.
digital camera with printer

digital camera with printer
TOMY xiao™ TIP-521 Digital Camera

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Comfortably Numb

Wonderful. I would love to lay my hands on something like this 😀


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hey..what a coincidence
my latest post is about digitl camera too! read it here

whts the cost of this cam model? whats it resoluion?….do reply on my blog site

u r giving nice info on gadgets…i found it very useful

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