Control Mouse Cursor Through Keyboard

In case your mouse is screwed up, you don’t have to worry, as you can still control the mouse cursor using your keyboard. The speed of cursor movement is of course comparatively slow, but something is always better than nothing.

Here are the simple steps to turn your keyboard’s Num-Pad in to a mouse.

1. Go to Start Menu, then to Control Panel.
2. Now open Accessibility Options.
Ok I know, it doesn’t look like this, but Microsoft need to change it’s icons 🙂
Anyways it looks like this:

3. And select the tab “Mouse“.
4. Now check the “Use MouseKeys” option.

5. Then click on “Settings“, and under pointer speed, drag both “Top Speed” and “Acceleration” to “High”.

4 thoughts on “Control Mouse Cursor Through Keyboard

  1. Well, if it’s a serious problem and mouse is completely not responding then in that case, of course u can follow this strategy, and whenever you get some time, i suggest you u 2 take a new optical mouse as it has a higher resolution and moreover it’s cost has also came down considerably, to almost arond INR 125-150.

  2. Due to some kind of software error(it's not a hardware error)
    my usb ports doesn't work/respond at all. I can connect a ps2 keyboard to a ps2 port on the mobo, and it works. The mobo hasn't got a ps2 mouseport. Result: I can only navigate with keyboard, not with mouse. Is their a way to enable the 'keyboard mouse' using the keyboard alone? Thanks.

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