Add a Contact Me Page (Form) To Your Blogger/BlogSpot Blog

Whether you have a personal or a business blog, one of the most important pages which must be present on every blog is a “Contact Us/Me” page. It is through this page, that your visitors give you their suggestions, feedback and advise.

While you can create a simple “Contact” page, with your name and email ID, but to give it a more professional look, you must have an embedded contact form in the page. Although there are many websites, which allow to create and embed a fully customized form, but finally when the visitor clicks on the “Submit” button, s/he will be redirected to the contact-form provider’s website (you don’t want that right?)

But now you can use the FREE service from EmailMeForm, which not only lets you to create and embed the form [fully customized], but even the landing page (Thank You page) will be a page on your blog (a custom-made thank you page or your blogs homepage).

1. So first of all, you have to create a “Contact Me” and a “Thank You” page
[*Update: Use the recently started Blogger Static Pages method to create these two pages on your blog.
2. Link these pages from the top-menu or from the bottom (footer of your blog).
3. Then, register at EmailMeForm and create your first contact-form.
4. Finally copy and add the code to your contact-me page.

Check out the live example of this form, at my own “contact me” page !

59 thoughts on “Add a Contact Me Page (Form) To Your Blogger/BlogSpot Blog

  1. how do i create a ‘page’ on my blog?…coz,..i need to post the form on my blog right?…then,obviously,it would be shown on my homepage,how do i prevent the
    ‘contact me’ post from being shown on my homepage??

  2. Hi Zaeem,

    As usual create and publish two new posts,
    one as a contact me page,
    and one as thank you page.

    For both the posts, before you hit the publish button, change the publishing date to any older date (say, 20/12/08) so it would not appear on your home page. Then go that post, copy it’s url and put the link in the top region of your blog.

  3. Hi,

    The EmailMeForm appears way down on the page for me??

    After ive gotten the code and pasted it into the html that is. This Form is just far down in my post.

    Any Solutions?


  4. In southerngurl's case, there were a number of <br/> before the first blank…..and each <br/> means a new line… just delete the unwanted new lines (<br/> ‘s)
    that’s it !


  5. We are happy to announce a new management team at!

    EmailMeFormâ„¢ has long been a valued service that allows anybody to create functional web forms on any website. Unfortunately, the previous management had not invested in continual improvement to the EmailMeFormâ„¢ service throughout 2009. The lack of a solid working relationship between the past owner and the former head developer lead to a cold war that eventually forced the sale of the site to our dedicated hands.

    Not surprisingly, the relationship problems continue to spill over even after the service has already been transferred over to new hands. The new management cannot heal these old wounds. We are already pulling long hours to take EmailMeFormâ„¢ to the next level. Most of these improvements are not readily apparent to you as we are working on renovating the foundations of the EMF house.

    Regarding privacy issues and your form data: EMF will never abuse or sell this information to Third Parties. The previous owners, who may have copies of the database, are legally liable if this information is inappropriately used. Should an infraction occur, you can be assured that EmailMeFormâ„¢ will work toward a resolution.

    For more information please visit us at

    Happy Holidays and looking forward to 2010,

    EmailMeFormâ„¢ Team

  6. @Sarah-Jo

    Wow, that's a beautiful blog template you have, specially the hanging menu on the left 🙂
    BTW, I think your contact form is perfectly in its position and the borders aren't spoiling its look either.

  7. I think the top-row above the name-field doesn't solve any purpose, you may remove it, by deleting this code:

    <table cellpadding="2" cellspacing="0" border="0" bgcolor="#FFFFFF"><tr><td><font face="Verdana" size="2" color="#000000"></font> <div style="" id="mainmsg"></div></td></tr></table>

  8. @Divya Sai

    Ok done that, but still have visible gridlines around the table, no idea why, just can't seem to figure this out, and also the captcha box is not aligned to the text box on the right where you enter the characters. Maybe its my computer? Are you seeing visible gridlines? They're faint but ideally i'd like to remove them, or hide them, any other suggestions :D?

  9. okay, you have more borders in your template, change these too:

    table tr {
    border-bottom:1px solid #DDD;
    table td,#content table th {
    border:1px solid #DDD;

    everywhere, change border to "0px;" from "1px solid #DDD;"

  10. Hi Divya,

    We both just looked at the code and we aren't sure what you mean, we are not very good with this whole programming thing, we are worried if we do something wrong, could I copy and paste the code to you?

  11. okay, then simply find this code in your template:

    table tr {
    border-bottom:1px solid #DDD;
    table td,#content table th {
    border:1px solid #DDD;

    and replace it completely with this code:

    table tr {
    table td,#content table th {

  12. OK we've done that now 😀 the gride lines are gone from the table, but the message box is out of line, "Your Secret or Confession" is suppose to be in the middle of the text section on the left side, also the captcha box is out of line too.

    Thank you for your help so far, anything we can do to help you back please let us know 😀

  13. No, it's not against SEO, dates are not so important for SEs, more important is the content on the basis of which we get backlinks.
    But one problem in this method is that the page, although published witha backdate but it will certainly appear in the blog-feed,
    so to avoid all this, the best way is to create a static page in Blogger:
    Static Pages Are now Available On Blogger

  14. Hello Sai,

    What I don't understand is, do we have to put the link to the Thank you page on the homepage? Is that neccessary?

    I mean what is the purpose of the Thank you page?

    I would expect that a Thank you page should be the message readers see once they contact you using the form. But in your post you haven't said how the thank you page is linked to the code from the EmailMeForm code so it pops up when someone leaves a message.

    So I am now wondering how the thank you page fits in.

    Moreover, I have scrolled through your site and I don't see any link to a Thank you page. That of the contact page I understand it. But Thank you page?

    Please explain, since your post suggested that the URL links for both pages are added to our home page.

  15. Yeah there's some mistake in your target page (thank you page) URL/address.

    First create a thank you page on your blog just as you have made your contact us page.

    Go to your emailmeform account, "edit" your form, go to "Form Settings" and in the field "Confirmation Options", select "Redirect URL"
    and in the blank below, paaste the address of your thank you page.
    Save your form. Copy the new code and paste it in your contact us page.
    That's it. Your form's ready…

  16. HIyas Divya,

    I've installed the Contact Me and Thank You pages and they seem to be working great.

    The only issue I seem to have is that my custom favicon changes over to the EmailMeForm favicon.

    Is there a way to keep my favicon showing when going to the Contact Me and Thank You pages?


    Zena 🙂

  17. Well, if you see my contact page, you will notice that I have mentioned a point that "In case the contact form is not available (that means EMF server is down etc.), then mail me at two alternate mail addresses".

  18. despite your easy teaching i am not being able to do it. I copied the html code and now i dont know where to put. i already have a static page. i have put that page url in the edit html so that the page is displayed from a drop down menu. Now where should i put the form html code?

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