Create Feed (Recent Posts) Banners For Your Blog

If you want to show your latest posts on standard-sized banners, then here’s a perfect tutorial for you. Once you complete the steps of this tutorial, you will get some animated .GIF images, which are dynamically updated from Feedburner’s servers and show latest posts of your blog, like these:

Instructions to follow:
1. Log in to (using your Google account)
2. Select your Blog (Blog’s feed)
3. Then select Publicize tab
4. Now click on “Create new…” link below “Headline Animator”.

5. Now create and save the animated banner. Click on “Activate” button and copy the code.

If you are new to Feedburner, then first read this tutorial on “How to burn your feed at FeedBurner” (Read the first 3 steps of the tutorial).

14 thoughts on “Create Feed (Recent Posts) Banners For Your Blog

  1. Hi DS…i seem to have a peculiar problem in my blog

    i see in my stats and no person ever visits my homepage..i used to get a lot of homepage visitors but now i get zero..the link is not broken and still…what do you think the problem is ?

  2. Of course not Reza…these are simple .gif images…even if you select the biggest one (468×60) it's just arnd 30KB, anyways you can also use these images as your blog's advertising banners…

  3. Hi Sais,
    Thank you for this cool Widget. I wonder if you can help, I have implemented a read more hack on my website, and I want this widget to show only after the post as been expanded, not before.
    thank you for your help.

  4. @Africa,

    If the post has already been expanded, then what is the use of "read more" buddy 🙂
    "Read more" is needed in homepage/arhive pages/search results etc. where multiple posts are displayed, and so they should be truncated. May be you are talking about "related posts" 😉

  5. Hey DS…thanks for you response but i get some advertisers to my site and also didn't approve my blog !

    For now im using infolinks

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