Delete Spam Comments Without Delete Icon In Blogger Blogs

With increasing popularity of your blog, you will see an increase in spam comments too.
In my own blog I get a number of spam comments mainly from these 2 websites:, and
I personally wrote to them from their contact forms, but neither have I got a response from them nor is their a decrease in the number of spam comments from them.
So my simple advice to everybody is to stay away from these SPAMMERS

If you are too facing a similar problem, and are unable to delete these spam/unwanted comments, then follow this method:

To delete any comment in your blog, you have to use this url:*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#&postID=#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#*#

In the above link, you need two ID’s, blogID – unique to your blog, and
postID – the unique comment ID.

For blogID;
Log in to Blogger, and go to “Create New Post”, now in the url (address bar), you will see your blogID, like this:

Copy and save your BlogID in a text/note pad.

And for the Comment/PostID, you need to click on the “date” link below the specific comment that you want to delete.

Once you click on the date-link, you will see the url something like this:*******#c7737272720$$$$$$$$$

Now the ID shown in blue is the commentID, copy it and again save it in a text/note pad.

Finally modify the first link by replacing the #*#*#*#* with these two ID’s, and copy the complete link in to your address bar and hit enter, the spam comment will be deleted.

17 thoughts on “Delete Spam Comments Without Delete Icon In Blogger Blogs

  1. Dsai thks for that great info!
    Dsai the problem that I am facing is that my comment permalinks are dead and not showing up. Moreover the dustbin that appears next to each comment is also not appearing.
    I recently edited my template by changing the text “Comment” with “Comments so far”. Is that the reason?

  2. Thanx Buddy. this trick is great.
    Mohammad Mustafa I was also getting this error.
    The Solution is that Do not add ” c ” with the post id then it will work. It worked for me.

  3. i oso got tis problem before. using tool create by LVchen really can delete d comment, but d whole anonymous title stil there.
    Then i try Divya's method then i found 1 problem, is i cant get tat post comment date-link, so i cant get d comment id then stil cant delete whole comment. :((
    recently i found a method!
    login blogger>setting>comments>comment form placements change to"Full page">save it
    nw u wil find out! try it may help u.

  4. Yeah of course, that's the easiest way to do this in Blogger. But sometimes due to sm conflicts with the internet browser (cookies/temp files problems) the icon suddenly vanishes, and it remains invisible till the cookies/files are deleted. So, in that case, one can use this method to delete the spammy comments even without that dustbin icon.

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