Digg It – The Stumble Way

Digg It !
Many comparisons have been made made between the two most famous social networking sites & communities Digg and StumbleUpon, although until this August, the two websites were quite different in the way they used to operate but now it seems even Digg likes the main idea behind the operation of StumbleUpon, so on 4th August it officially launched its toolbar for Firefox as an add-on !

                                Toolbar – Preview
Digg It - The Stumble Way

So once installed on your firefox browser, the toolbar will let you know if a story has already been submitted to Digg and, if it has, how many Diggs and comments it got. If the page you’re viewing isn’t already on Digg, the toolbar will display a submit button, which will help you easily submit the story to Digg and share it with the entire Digg community.

It’s even easy to hide the toolbar; if you don’t want to see it, simply click on the Digg guy in the navigation bar, and it will be hidden.

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