Very nice widgets ;) …

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very nice widgets 😉

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Let Your Visitors Change Your Blog Theme !!!

My problem is the bottom scroll bar is completely GONE in Edit Layout. So I can't scroll over to edit my page elements or change different settings for my blog posts.

Everything on the right side of my Edit Layout Page is partially hidden. With my SCROLL BAR gone, I can't get over to the edit buttons.

Is there a code I can put into the layout editor wireframe to get my bottom scroll bar back?

Thanks ahead of time!

Let Your Visitors Change Your Blog Theme !!!
Hello Mr Sai,
What Is This…???

Stylesheet switcher using jQuery

This page can be used so that the stylesheet switcher degrades gracefully where Javascript is disabled or the level of Javascript support isn't high enough to support the stylesheet switcher (e.g. jQuery isn't supported).

You can program this page in whatever serverside language you prefer. A cookie called "style" should be set to the value of the querystring parameter "style". The page should then redirect to it's referrer.

Then when serving up any other page on your site you will need to set the "rel" attribute of all not selected stylesheet links (e.g. ones whose title isn't the value of the cookie style) to "alternate stylesheet".

NOTE: this page and process is only necessary if you care about the small percentage of users that the stylesheet switcher won't work for. You could also just display a message on this page informing the user that they need to enable JavaScript in their browser or to download a better broswer from here.

Help Me =(

Let Your Visitors Change Your Blog Theme !!!
hi, was wondering if it could be made in a drop down menu?…..i've tried using your codes for simple drop-down menu and it worked in firefox but not IE…..thanks……

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🙂 Thank you!

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making this page longer please don't delete it admin

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lol, took 2 maybe 3 hours. i am steaming mad!

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I made it in 10 seconds without milestones XD

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Hey there, I am using the one from Addthis currently.
If you want something similar to the one below all the posts, then you can try the widget from SumoMe as well, as it allows to place the widget at various different positions like below the header, below the post etc.


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