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You would have already read numerous articles on how you can start a website or a blog for free. But did you know that you can even start an eCommerce website for free. A website that would cost $0 to start, $0 monthly maintenance charges and of course – you will generate real income from this eShop wholly owned by you. So, first let’s see what all things you would have needed earlier to start an eCommerce website, if you wouldn’t have read this article:Average expenses to kick start an eCommerce website:

1. A domain name (costs approximately $10)
2. A web-hosting account ($5 per month – yearly $60)
3. Your coding and web development skills or a hired web developer (at least $2000)
4. Research and upfront capital to invest and get all things in wholesale quantity that you are going to sell online (minimum $5000-$10000)

Moreover there are some running costs too, like
1. Maintaining the inventory ($500 per month)
2. Logistics expenses ($25 per product)
3. Commission to be paid to the payment gateway
4. Costs associated with returned goods ($20)
5. Costs associated with damaged goods during transport ($20 average per product out of 100 products)
6. Damages due to fraud and stolen goods ($20 average per product per 100 products)

Now adding up all these costs, you would be spending thousands of dollars even within the first year of launch and only if your business goes successful, you might break-even and then start earning profits. So in short, that’s a lot of risk for beginners.

So, what if I give you a way through which you can minimize all this risk to $0. This article, is going to tell you the secret of launching an eCommerce website with literally $0 investment and create an eCommerce website with infinite inventory and again with a maintenance cost of $0 you can start earning hundreds and even thousands of dollars per month.

So, fasten your seat-belts and get ready to launch the next Amazon 😉

All you need to start an eCommerce website for free:

1. A Blogger account (that means a free blog)
2. A free Blogger eCommerce template
3. An affiliate account on Amazon
4. An affiliate account on eBay
5. May be some more affiliate accounts

So, once you have all these things then simply log into your Blogger account. And create a new blog, let’s say
Then head over to the template section of the blog and upload the eCommerce template that you have downloaded in the second step
Log into Amazon, eBay and other similar websites where you have your affiliate accounts – and start posting the links to these products on your blog (if possible review each and every product you are listing). Once you have listed some 50-100 products on your website then start promoting your site through social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.). And once a product is sold via your blog on Amazon or eBay – you get the commission.

You can see a demo website up and running in the same way: Ojinnie Shop

Please note, to keep the cost low (actually zero) I have mentioned all the freebies here. If interested, you hardly need to shell out 30 bucks to give a complete professional look to your eCommerce Blog. For that;

1. I would suggest you to buy a “.com” or “.net” etc. domain (approx. $10 per year cost)
2. Get a premium Blogger template for an eCommerce shop(approx. $20 – one time cost)

Rest of the things remain the same.

After an year or so, when you understand the basic eCommerce business logic and marketing strategies and create a customer/subscriber base of your own then I would suggest you to take a step further and launch a self hosted eCommerce website with your own inventory and products to sell.
But again – believe me, you might like this idea of affiliate marketing so much that once you starting earning this way, you may never need to switch to a self hosted website with your inventory.

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