Embed Global Stock Market Widgets In Your Blog

Embed Global Stock Market Widgets In Your Blog
Here’s a bunch of professional looking finance/money/stock market related widgets that you may freely add to your blog. All these widgets are frequently updated with latest news and current market information.

Sanebull is offering these widgets to bloggers/webmasters:

  • Commodities and Futures Widget
  • Portfolio Widget
  • United States Indices Widget
  • Stock Symbol Information Widget
  • Currency Monitor Widget
  • ETF Viewer Widget
  • Real-Time Stock Symbol News Widget
  • Real-Time Stock Market News Widget
  • United States Mortgage Monitor Widget
  • Crude Oil Futures Widget
  • Gold Contract Futures Widget
  • Real-Time Stock Market Tweets Widget
  • Real-Time Stock Symbol Tweets Widget
  • US Treasury Bonds and Notes Widget

Screenshots of some those widgets:

Embed Global Stock Market Widgets In Your Blog

Instructions to add these widgets:
Simply select and click on the widget from the left-sidebar, click on “Get Widget” button, then in the new page, copy the selectspring widget code or the manual installation code.
Now log in to Blogger -> Layout -> Add a Widget and select it as HTML/JavaScipt and paste the code in to it. Drag and place this widget anywhere in your blog.

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Reza Winandar@Blogging Guide

Cool, forex blogger should have these widgets in their blog! May I ask you a question? How do you get backlinks?

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Sai @Blogger Help

Backlinks from whom Reza?

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thank you ..

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