Embed Presidential Debate Tweets In Blogger In 2 Minutes

embed presidential tweets in your blog in 2 minutes

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add the ongoing “Tweets from the Presidential Debates of 2016” to your blog. The process hardly takes 2 minutes, if you already have a Twitter and a Blogger/Wordpress account.
Although I have made this tutorial specific to the ongoing presidential debates of 2016, but you can follow the same process to embed tweets of any Twitter #Hashtag.

This tutorial has mainly two parts:
1. Take the code from Twitter.
2. Paste it in your Blogger/Wordpress blog

For the first step, i.e. to take the code from Twitter please watch this video (35 seconds):

Now, once you have the code with you, simply login to your Blogger account. You can place the code either inside a blog post or in your sidebar;
To put it in a blog post, just create a new post and paste the code wherever you want in it and publish the post. [Check the DEMO here]
To put it in your sidebar, go to Layout -> Add a Gadget -> Select it as “HTML/Javascript type” and paste the code in it and save the widget.
Now you can track and showcase all the tweets on Hillary vs Trump debates directly on your blog.

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