Embed “Save As PDF” Icon in Your HTML Website/Blog

Embed Save As PDF Icon in Your HTML Website/Blog
If you want that your articles or blog posts should be easily saved on to your reader’s computers in PDF format, then here’s an online tool, which can help your visitors in doing so at just the click of a button.

web2pdfonline lets you place a small “Save as PDF” button, on your website, through which anyone can easily save your HTML pages in PDF formats !

They provide two other tools too, viz.
Doc2PDF converter, and
PDF2word converter, using these tools you can easily convert files from PDF to Micosoft Word or vice versa.

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Romer Riera

Very good blog. congratulations and go on that way and
yuu'll help lots of people.

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Bang Del

Thanks for the tutorial, now I now it =))

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Social Networking Blog

Great tool for having a back up of the articles as well as for the readers too 😉

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Can u please tell me how to install this service on my blog
and another one

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