5 Hacks To Ensure More People Read Your Blog

5 Hacks To Ensure More People Read Your Blog

Everyone with a blog knows the struggle of pushing more content out to generate more traffic. We bloggers, are super hard workers. But what if we ask you, not to work hard?
Yes, that’s right! Don’t work hard, but work smart to make sure more people read your blog. Churning out more volume of content does not necessarily imply more traffic. What you need to work on is how to make a thousand people read your single article, rather than write 10 articles for the same audience.
But how do you do this? Here are 5 super simple tricks that will guarantee to bring more people to your website.

1. Write Worthy Headlines
People usually underestimate the power of a good headline for an article. When you write a headline that catches the curiosity of your reader, 80% of your money is earned!
Avoid Click-Bait. Gone are the days when this strategy was considered clever. Go for click-bait techniques only if you have content that will justify your readers landing on your page. If the readers land on your page, and you offer them nothing worthy, they will think twice next time they come across any of your articles.
Write crisp and clear headlines that pique the interest of the reader, and frame an article that is worthy to quench their curiosity, and you will have yourself a faithful follower.

2. Write Longer Content For Better Rankings
You must have heard, when it comes to attention span, we humans have come down from 12 seconds in the year 2000 to 8 seconds. (A goldfish apparently has an attention span of 9 sec… Ouch!) Considering quick FB posts and 140-character tweets, it’s only natural for you to start writing short posts on your blog, because you don’t want your readers to doze off!
But you know what, the recent evaluations suggest that pages with longer content rank better than those with less content! The average number of words on Google’s first page results is 1890 words. This is probably because, such articles explore the topic being addressed in more depth and provide more context.

3. Be A Good Story-Teller
These days, when you are in search for an answer to a particular question, there are a thousand results claiming to answer them. So how do you stand out in the internet crowd? Tell the same story, but change your story-teller!
Sometimes your research is not the problem, but your presentation is. Tell the same facts, but in a story that your target audience can relate to and understand better. Quality matters, and the reader will appreciate the uniqueness and effort that you have put into the article. Who wouldn’t want to come back to tailor-made content?

5 Hacks To Ensure More People Read Your Blog

4. Promote Content On Social Media Effectively
Promoting your content is an art in itself. What do you do once you have published an article on your website? You share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google + and Tumblr, and refresh all the pages a million times to see how many likes, re-tweets and hearts you’ve received?
What if we told you, sharing these posts once is not enough? Are we asking you to spam your readers? No! You have to share the content you have so beautifully crafted a number of times for it to do justice to the efforts you’ve put in. Here’s how you can go about strategizing it, without spamming and sounding monotonous.

5. Compose A Strong Call-To-Action
You wrote a great article, the reader liked it, received all the information they wanted, and went away. But what if you added another step in that process; of the reader sharing your article, which could translate into more traffic and conversion?
Call-to-action is your simple tool to ensure this. You will be surprised how effective a call-to-action can be! When you tell the reader to share your article, or tweet your article, or suggest it to a friend, they are more likely to do that favor for you. And according to the Ben Franklin Effect, if they did it once, it’s more likely they’ll do it again!
So keep these simple basic hacks in mind and implement it on your website, and track your traffic and rate of conversion. If you have more tips and tricks in your bag, share them with us in the comments below. And if you liked this article, then please don’t forget to share this with your friends!

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