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evergreen blogging seo and traffic ideas

Bloggers regularly look for hot and trending topics which have good social relevance too. So if you too are confused about what should be your next area of , then here are a few ideas for you. These are not new but they are always in demand and they keep on changing and evolving with time, giving you several opportunities to enter whenever you want to.

Travel Blogs
Yes this is a cliché, but why not give it a try. Your experiences would have been unique and your understanding of the places you visited and people you met will definitely be different from others.
Everybody loves to travel and travel blogs give them all the information that they are looking for, be it the place’s history, popular destinations within a city or just the natural scenic photographs and videos they are searching for. No single blog or blog post can do justice to any place by describing it completely. Moreover, with hundreds & thousands of varied places on Earth you can always fit into this niche.

travel blogging seo and traffic tips

To beat the competition, try to write on places that are less known to people and therefore not much content exist on Internet about them. For example, if you want to write on places within France, then cover just a little about Paris as there are around 1.6 Billion search results already on Internet (yeah that’s your competition) and write more articles on places like Étretat (around 1 Million results) or Corsica (33 Million results) or may be on “Northern Corsica” (just 0.4 Million results).
You can write about stay and travel options – loyalty programs of airlines or hotels or simply share your Airbnb experiences. You can talk about cheap travels or exotic locations where the money can be splurged or about places famous for adventure sports, camping, road trips etc.!!
You can give your audience a list of all the local food stuff and snacks along with pictures or videos – this will satisfy your appetite of being a food blogger too 🙂
And that’s not all; you can certainly take this hobby up to a professional level. You can educate your readers by sharing your hiking and trekking tips & techniques. And if you are really serious about it, then once you build your list of subscribers then you can take them on guided trips as well.

Wedding Blogs
While talking about evergreen ventures, we definitely cannot miss the wedding industry. Be it your relative’s, friend’s or a film star’s wedding – wedding news, rumors and shopping always stay in trend. And this is definitely an industry that will never die (this is the least hit industry even in a recession 🙂

wedding blogs seo and traffic ideas

You can help your audience right from wedding shopping to choosing the perfect venue. You can focus on various aspects of a marriage like Bridal/Groom wear, wedding jewelry, venues and decor, designing and managing invitations cards, wedding cakes, food catering, helping them choose an expert service provider for – photography, make-up, pre-wedding beauty treatments, henna work and last but not the least a wedding planner (only in case you need one!!)
People prefer doing a thorough research these days for a perfect wedding day and are also ready to spend a whole lot of time & money to find their dream bridal dress and venue. So, club this idea with affiliate marketing to make some money too.
You can also include reviews of various weddings you attended and compare the venues and other details along with pictures.
In your free time, you may even study various different marriage customs and traditions across the world and share it with your audience. Also, you can ask them to share their experience via your blog and if you want you can share your own personal experience with them as well 🙂

Review Blogs
“First Hand Reviews” this is what the majority of netizens are searching for, before purchasing a product, taking a service, going for a movie or even tasting food at a restaurant. This in itself is a vast category as you can review from anything to everything. To make your site popular in terms of SEO, it is better to stick with any one of these:

   Movie Reviews: If you are a movie buff, then this one is certainly for you. You can rate latest movies, TV series, Music videos, YouTube series etc. You can review even old movies and documentaries either by classifying them as “Top 10 RomComs on Netflix” or “Top ten documentaries on WWII”. You can give your general opinion mentioning “the good, bad and ugly” or you can even be critical while reviewing these flicks.
   Book Reviews: Usually good readers are great writers too. So this one is for all the bookworms – don’t just write about the bestsellers but do mention some of the books which you personally found good to read but were not a mass sell.
   Product Reviews: From cars to phones to beauty products to kitchen accessories, people prefer checking reviews before buy things. So, just pick the area that interests you, start reviewing the products and earn some affiliate money too.
   Blog Reviews: You can review other blogs as well. Create a blog directory and categorize them into different topics and then rate and review them. Suggest your readers from where they can get the best results as information is available in abundance on Internet!!
   Opinion on news/facts: You can pick topics from current affairs (Political, National/International) and give your opinion on them, explaining about the situation and giving them facts. Keep in mind that such blogs have to be written with a lot of responsibility and backed by in-depth research. If this is your area of interest, then get ready to get into some serious debates with your audience as well.
   Shopping Reviews: Let’s agree that the world economy depends on shopping 🙂 (Don’t judge, yes I am a girl who loves to shop). So whether people are shopping at huge marts or malls or online from the comfort of their homes – people are always looking for suggestions. So why not contribute through your blog.

Food Blogging
Club movies with food and you are already in heaven. Bring in a flavor of travel and you can make everybody jealous by telling them what you do to earn your bread and butter 😉

food blogging tips

At the first look this niche looks over crowded, but actually even mommy bloggers are making money by blogging about food. If you are fond of trying different foods and are not afraid of getting a few hundred extra calories, then this is definitely worth giving a try. And even health freaks have their own blogs, where they guide others with tips on healthy eating and healthy lifestyle. There are many topics within food blogging to choose from, just to give you an idea try exploring these topics before you settle down on one:
– Diet and nutrition trends
– Healthy eating Ideas
– Best Cooking books to read
– Recipes from around the world
– Restaurant critics
– Street food
– Food photography

Advisory Blogs
This is an area where you can bring in your professional skills and knowledge into the field of blogging. Be it Career, Legal, Financial, Programming or Health. Once you have a few years of experience in any field or have deep knowledge in any of these then it is a good idea to share it with your fellow readers. You can also choose to write on topics like child care and parenting which are again highly searched on Internet.

And once you select your niche of blogging, then do share it with us through the comments section on this page. Happy Blogging!!

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