Friday Blogger Backup #3 – & – Merry Xmas

Get Blogger Into Your FolderHere comes the last Friday of this month and also of the year 2009. Time flies but do not let your blogs content fly off. Take regular back ups and proper precautions to protect your blogs content and template.
As always this post is a reminder to all the readers of BloggerStop to download and save their blogs content.
Have a look on these posts by Blogger, how they mistakenly marked several blogs as SPAM a year ago: Post #1 | Post #2
So this is what you have to do to protect your content (don’t worry, it will not take more than 5 minutes)

1. Tutorial for blog posts and comments backup.

2. Tutorial for template and widgets backup (read the first 6 steps of the tutorial).

Happy Blogging & Merry Xmas !

11 thoughts on “Friday Blogger Backup #3 – & – Merry Xmas

  1. Hi there! Happy Holidays too! I was wondering if you could help me find your post about replacing the back, home and forward keys with images similar to what you have below. Instead of plain links (older posts, newer posts and home) Thank you.

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  2. @Divya: Happy new year.. Well I hope you read it tomorrow.. :))

    BTW, maybe it's in the "Blogger Help" page, but I'm a little lazy to search it (Even with CTRL+F in Firefox :p), but hwo do you put a icon (In your case the pink feather) in every owner's comment ?

    And other thing, as you may have seen, in the comments in my web there is an icon that appears when everyone comment, but that is general.. I mean, when everyone comment. Do you have any idea of how can you change that icon depending in commentor's e-mail or Gravatar account ?

    Greetings ^^

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  3. Hey Daniel,
    Happy New Year to you and your family. I have read your greetings a day before, but I'll definitely read it tommorow too 🙂

    lazy?? hope you know your new years resolution 😛 :))

    Anyways, it's the same hack, to highlight blog owners comments

    but the exact code I'm using to show that feather is this one:

    background: url( no-repeat #ffffff;
    min-height: 65px;
    padding: 5px 85px 0px 20px;

    Where BG image url links to that feather image. I have adjusted minimum height to 65 pixels. so that complete image is displayed even if the comment is a single word/line. And finally the padding is adjusted, so that my comment will not overlap that feather image. Feel free to play with that code, and in case of doubts comment below that tutorial.

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  4. Sai,
    Thanks so much for the reply on my blog. Sorry I guess I didn't provide you with all my email. That what happens when you fail at multi tasking. Thanks again for the link. Appreciate it. You do some great amazing stuff and its presented in an easy to understand way. Thanks!

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