How To Save 27% on Godaddy Domain Renewals [No Promocode Required]

It’s Black Friday around the corner – biggest shopping festival both offline and online, but sadly never are there any deals for domain renewals. But if your domain is registered at GoDaddy, then there’s a hidden way of getting a huge discount that too not just on Black Fridays but throughout the year.

27% Off on Godaddy Domain Renewals

You would have seen domain registrars offering domain names at dirt cheap prices like $0.99 for a .com domain. This is exactly the same business strategy used by telecom companies in India. They offer new SIM cards at a price which is next to free. And in both these cases, the companies start earning when you start using their products at full throttle. So, basically that’s a win-win for the provider and consumer.

Coming to the $0.99 .com domains – that’s definitely a steal deal, as you can start and try a business online for at least an year and if it doesn’t work out in the way you expected, you can of course cancel the renewal.
And if you were lucky enough to achieve whatever you planned to do with the domain and a website, then you can of course retain the domain name at around $10-$15 per year (it varies from one domain registrar to another and sadly no registrar gives you a discount during renewals).

So, this article will tell you, how you can bag a decent discount of 27%, if you have registered your domain at Godaddy and can pay in INR.

For those who are well acquainted to Godaddy, here’s the complete tutorial in just two steps:

Step #1. Head to your GoDaddy account and select the domain you want to renew. You will be redirected to the billing page with a total billing amount of $15.17 ($14.99 + $0.18 Taxes & Fees) for a .com domain. [$15.17 is approximately INR 1000]

Step #2. At the top-left side of the page, change the currency settings to INR. That’s it. Now, you will automatically get a 27% discount on the amount. [The amount you need to pay is just INR 711]

Detailed Tutorial with Screenshots

Step 1

Log in to Godaddy with your credentials and go to “My Products” page, if you are not already there.

Step 2

Click on the button “Manage” in the Domains tab.

Step2 27% Off on Godaddy Domain Renewals

Step 3

Select the arrow mark next to the domain name you want to renew and click on “Renew Domain”

Step3 27% Off on Godaddy Domain Renewals

Step 4

In the pop up that opens on the screen, select the duration for which you want to renew the domain name. I am keeping it to “1 year” for this tutorial.

Step4 27% Off on Godaddy Domain Renewals

NOTE: Discount percentage decreases, as you increase the duration. Following is the discount as per number of years you select:

1 year : 27% off
2 years : 13% off
3 years : 9% off
5 years : 5% off

Step 5

You will be shown your billing amount as $15.17 ($14.99 + tax & fees $0.18)

Step5 27% Off on Godaddy Domain Renewals

Step 6

Simply change the currency at the top of the page to INR. That’s it.
You just saved 27% on your total bill. $15.17 equates to around INR 1000 at the current conversion rate. And once you change the currency to INR, the amount will be changed to INR 711.

Step6 27% Off on Godaddy Domain Renewals

Now, simply proceed with the “Checkout” option.

final Step 27% Off on Godaddy Domain Renewals

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