Goodbye GooglePages !

Goodbye GooglePages !

Although not as popular as the platform owned by Google – Blogger, GooglePages has been quite popular for three years since its launch in Feb. 2006. But recently new sign ups at GooglePages were stopped and now the complete service is being migrated to GoogleSites. And because GoogleSites do not support custom CSS and JavaScript files, so it is advised to everyone to download all their files from GooglePages as soon as possible, and move to a new host.
You can read about this GooglePages to GoogleSites Migration here:

[ ]

(And from this same location you can download all your files in zipped format)

Migration FAQ
If you are new to GoogleSites, then you can read about this service HERE

And if you are worried about your CSS and JavaScript files that were hosted at GooglePages, then I would advice you to upload those files to and, as both of these sites offer direct or hot linking of files, with considerable bandwidth limits.
And in case you still are not comfortable with GoogleSites, then you may of course try Blogger.

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Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai
Hi Dsai, thks for informing! One thing I must mention here is that I have lost up to 155 files by hosting my files at Its completely a fraud website. Its a poorly managed website which doesn’t reply to user queries. I emailed them several times regarding lose of my files but they haven’t replied yet. I have found a new file hosting site far better than hotlinkfiles.comit is Boxstr.comFor detail on this topic I would encourage your readers to read this post,Free Hot Linking for your files, know what hot linking meansRegards,Tips and Tricks : WinXP, Internet, Blogging,… Read more »
Divya Sai

Wow thanks for sharing this website Mohammad, this is really cool, now I’ll better ask my readers to use this one..
I know that hotlinkfiles is not a well managed website, and goes down frequently……BTW you may not have lost those files…check your account frequently as they go missing only for a few hours or days….and then they appear back.
And this is the reason I’m using But thanks to you that I’ll switch to boxstr now.


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I Caps

Alternatives of google pages to host files like javascript,mp3 etc. lots of choices with all the required details. Read it here

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