Google Page Rank Updated [May 2009]

Google Page Rank [the visible toolbar rank], an important benchmarking criteria for most of the bloggers and websites has just been updated for BloggerStop.Net and is being updated for many other blogs.
BloggerStop.Net has just crossed level 3 and entered level 4 on the scale of 10. I am Quite happy with these results, as from PR4 it is considered as Medium level PR range.

Although most of the PR checking tools allows to check Ranks of individual pages, but here’s a simple method to check Google PageRank of all pages of any website/blog at the same time:
Check PR of all pages of a website.

10 thoughts on “Google Page Rank Updated [May 2009]

  1. As your previous backlinks are pointing to your blogspot address.
    If you know the people who have linked to you, then better ask them to update their links.

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