Google PageRank Updated – 31st December 2008

As expected the Google PageRank update has finally been made, in the last week of December-2008, so this is the last Google PageRank update of year 2008. For many blogs I hope this would be a great start of the new year, and for others it may add one more task in their new year resolution: to improve their PR in the next year – 2009 first update 🙂

For my blog, a PageRank of 2 has been given, although not a big number but I am happy with it, as right now, my blog is just 3 months old and I hope to make improve it by next update, moreover other than the Homepage a few other pages have also got PageRanks of 1 and 2, that makes me ‘feel better’ !

If you have not installed the Google toolbar (with PageRank enabled),then to check your blog’s/website’s pagerank you can visit this page:

And if you want to display Google PageRank in your website/blog, check out these new display buttons.

8 thoughts on “Google PageRank Updated – 31st December 2008

  1. No Gabi, there’s no tool to find out the history of PR of any website, although we see PR updates once in 3 months, but actually in Google algorithm, it’s more frequent [ and I don’t think Google needs to record the historical PR of any website, it only needs the current PR status for the working of it’s search engine ! ]

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  2. Hi Prakash,

    PR is such a hot topic among bloggers/webmaster that within minutes of a update-start, all the blogosphere, forums, email-inboxes and twitter is filled with threads/posts/topics related to PR.
    Anyways, the best way to track it, is to have a Google toolbar installed in your Internet browser.

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  3. Thanks for the good tips you put up on here. Am in much need of more tips like this so feel free to mail some to me. Am developing a web directory and it seems like these tips will greatly help in promoting it out there in cyberspace and getting the traffic it deserves.

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