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Namaste, India!

These are the first two words in the latest regional blog from Google – The official Google India Blog, launched on 15th October, 2008. As usual Google has kept the same Official Google layout for this blog too. The Alexa ranking just for the past 15 days, or you can say for the first 15 days of this blog has reached to less than 2,00,000, which does show a tremendous traffic to this blog, which up till now has posted just 3 posts.
Actually I am a bit surprised, that why Google has been so late in launching a blog for India. According to the Alexa traffic details, after US, maximum online traffic to is contributed by India, and moreover after only (Indian cc-TLD of Google), is present in the top 20 websites, according to the web traffic ranking. When Google already has made regional blogs for many other countries like China, Japan, Australia, Africa, Poland etc. I think it is quite unfair to start it so late in India.
Google India Blog
Anyways, according to the Alexa ranking system Google India Blog, has already started receiving more visitors than many other Google’s regional blogs, which is very easily expected to increase even more in the future.
In the three recent posts by GoogleIndiaBlog (, it has given greetings to Indian people, then spoken about its first Google Developer Day in India, and then finally posted about India’s most famous festival – Diwali, and also has given tips on how to use to search, what most of the Indians want, viz Cricket, Movies and Finance/Stocks/Economy.

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