Grab a Domain for FREE – Offer Ends on 30 June 2010

1and1 is offering a .COM domain for completely FREE.

Domain name registered by me:

You won’t be paying a single penny for the first year and after that, you will be billed at the regular price of $ 8.99/year. Even existing customers are allowed to register a free domain. You can register only one domain and for each additional domain that you order, you will be billed at the regular price. The offer is valid till 30 June, 2010. So without any further delay grab your free domain today. First check for domain availability here:

In the drop down menu, do not change it from “com” to any other TLD, as other TLD registrations are not free




When you register at 1and1, you not only get a domain or hosting from them, but you also get a chance to earn more income (upto $300) by referring your friends/readers to them. Many bloggers are making a lot of extra income by joining affiliate programs. 1and1 has a link on the bottom of their site that says β€œAFFILIATE.” They also provide you with a lot of great tools to make it easier to earn money with them and they offer more commission than most web hosting affiliate programs.

PS: An (internationally accepted) credit card or a verified paypal account is needed to verify your identity. You won’t be charged anything for the first year, but next year onwards the normal charges of $8.99 will be charged from your credit card or paypal account. If you do not wish to continue with your registered domain, then you can cancel your registration and your domain-name will expire.

31 thoughts on “Grab a Domain for FREE – Offer Ends on 30 June 2010

  1. what if i want to stop the service after 1 year when it begins charging me means i have to pay for hosting?

  2. admin please reply..they r asking for 6$ to charge so whether they refund that money after buying?????/
    nd after 1year can we cancel the service please do reply..

  3. Yes, credit card or a verified paypal account is required. But you won't be charged anything for the first year. Next year onwards, as mentioned in the post your card/paypal account will be charged normally (If you cancel your registratino, you won't be charged anything but your domain will expire too).
    Initially the $6 will be taken out of your account and then it will be returned back to you, just to check the authenticity of your credit card/paypal account.

  4. Sorry for the confusion regarding our free .com offer.

    You are correct, we do require credit card information with every order and also require that it be accurate and kept on the account at all times. The two main reasons are so that we can autorenew the account and to identify & prevent fraud during the ordering process. We will not charge you for the free domain and you don’t need to buy anything else to get the free domain, this is a special offer. The $6 is a test to make sure that your payment method is valid, it will show "pending" and then reverse.

    After 1 year the domain will renew automatically. You are not required to renew your domain, however if your domain renews you are required to make the renewal payment. You can cancel at any time at

    The offer is not available in all countries and there are some countries that 1&1 does not provide service. Unfortunately, we do not provide service to Pakistan.

    If you have any further questions for 1&1, especially related to the offer, I’d be happy to answer them. You can email me directly at – online at 1and1 dot com or contact me via twitter @1and1_4U.

  5. Hi there….first of all thank you for calling BloggerStop a powerful blog. And don't worry, once you start a blog and work with your max. potential then 1 yr is actually more than enough to establish a reputation in the blogosphere. In this september BloggerStop will be two years old πŸ˜‰

  6. I need your help Sai. In my blog you can see labels arranged in the order next to other. I don't like that. I need to arrange the labels one below other. My labels are in the sidebar named "DoFollow Blog Category". The labels are there arranged one near to other. But I need it to placed one below other. Hope you get it. Please help me Sai.

  7. Instead of link-list (label) widget, use a HTML/Javascript Widget.
    Then in that widget, paste this code:

    <a href='LINK_TO_LABEL_AUTOMOTIVE'>Automotive</a>
    </li><br />
    <a href='LINK_TO_LABEL_BUSINESS'>Business</a>
    </li><br />

    Now, every time you add a new label, you have to insert that code from <li> ….to…. </li> and after that add a small tag <br /> – which shifts the next tag to a new line down.

  8. You have to change that "LINK_TO_LABEL_AUTOMOTIVE" with the actual link, which is this, in your case:

    and similarly link to label business is this:

    But yes, the count will not appear if you use this method, to show the count, you have to continue using the labels widget you are presently using, and to pile those labels one over another drag the widget to the first sidebar of your blog (the sidebar where your widgets "Photos" and "Archive" etc. are located)

  9. nice blog sir!! looks like i missed the offer though..
    i came to your blog via Mayank sir's blog (knayam)…
    we met at the twitter meet in south ex. if you remember… πŸ˜›

  10. Hey Abhinav,

    Thanks for the comment…Yeah of course I remember you πŸ™‚
    Both your website and blog, Designcranium are going great….congrats.
    These types of offers are frequently given out by 1and1, so don't worry you'll catch the next one πŸ˜‰

  11. Sai Ram Divya,

    I found this post interesting and i bought a domain for one of my associate's blog on June 27, 2010. He also received invoice from 1and1 after 2-3 days. But till date the domain which i bought has not been active i guess. As and when i follow the process of setting up custom domain in blogger, it shows that the domain is new and it will take 1 day to be active. But it is going to be almost a month.

    Kindly help Divya :-/

    Thanks and Regards

  12. Try to log in at, with your domain as the user-id and the password.
    (Whether you are able to log-in or not), contact the support team support(at)1and1(dot)com or directly reply to the mail from which you got your invoice.

  13. hi…its too bad no option for indonesia…in otherhand any option for ex-indonesia country like Timor Leste…i wonder why…i do have paypal,and its intregate too with my bank account,1n1 should have option for indonesia with this reason!but it not…!
    btw..i have another question related with this blog's post…including why mydatanest always get down…?
    visit my site or or
    thank u

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