20 thoughts on “Guess What’s On The Top Of The Building !!!

  1. I rode XScream. Sat in the front. You only move about 20 feet but it’s absolutely the scariest ride I’ve ever ridden.

  2. so bizarre, i Stumbled on this four days after I stayed in that very hotel. I still can’t believe they make you pay for wi-fi… but, to be fair, the rides are a blast. i suggest them (especially if you haven’t gone thirsty the rest of the eve) to anyone passing through.

  3. I was in Vegas about two weeks ago and I rode Big Shot which everyone said was the best. At first when you blast off and drop it’s awesome but after that it sucks and is short. The shopping center inside the Stratosphere is crap, I doubt some of those stores even sell things some days.

  4. The Big Shot is my favorite ride of all time. Insanity! What a rush! Beautiful views of the city and surrounding landscape. A must for anyone visiting Veags.

  5. It’s the paradise for gamblers dude…..a place where fun meets life, see what’s the first line from wiki:

    Las Vegas, billed as The Entertainment Capital of the World, is famous for the number of casino resorts and associated entertainment.

  6. that looks absolutely nuts. I’m freaked out by heights already. Why would I risk life and limb just for that sort of adrenaline rush, when all I have to do is just stand and look over a guard rail?

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