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In my previous post, I discussed about the most accurate visitors tracking websites. And as I said, some of the features provided by Sitemeter and Statcounter are only available to paid members, one of such feature is an invisible counter. Although from StatCounter, you can easily get the code for an invisible counter without paying a penny, but in SiteMeter, the code is only available for the paid members. So here is a simple method/trick to hide that meter button completely from your website, without upgrading your account.

Log in to your sitemeter account and click on “Manager” link. Now click on “Meter Style” green link in the left sidebar. Then click on the sixth radio button (For a display of numerical count of visitors).

Now when you click the “Select” button, you will be asked for selecting the background and font(digit) colors. So simply select both of them as “transparent”. Select “Shrink width” and remove tick from the “Commas” option. Save it. That’s all, go to your website, and the button will no longer be visible 🙂

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