How to BackUp Your Firefox Bookmarks and Folders

How to BackUp Your Firefox Bookmarks and FoldersBeing a Firefox user (if not, then switch to it now…),  you must have created a number of folders and a number of bookmarks in each of the folders, in the toolbar. Accessing your favorite and frequently visiting websites is made a lot easier by these folders. But imagine if you format your computer or just the system files…Everything will be lost. That would be a nightmare for you, to recollect all those websites back. If you think you can get the names of those websites from your mail’s inbox, then forget it, as it is simply not possible.

So, here’s a simple method to back up all your bookmark folders and websites, which will be done, while you are reading this blog post.

Go to Bookmarks in the menu bar, then click on Organize Bookmarks…, Now click on Import and Backup drop-down menu. Now there are two methods to follow, and I recommend you to do both.

1. Click on Backup…now save the file(JSON) in a safe place, OTHER than the drive where you have system files. So that means you should not place this back up file in either Desktop or My Documents.
How to BackUp Your Firefox Bookmarks and FoldersSave it safely in any other drive (D: or E:), or better save it on a disk and also somewhere safe online like your email.

When you want these files to be uploaded to any new Firefox:
Click on Bookmarks
then click on “Organize Bookmarks…”
now click on Import and Backup, then click on Restore, and finally click on “Select File”, and upload the “.JSON” file.

2. Second method creates a file, which is quite easy to access from anywhere and share it with your friends too, and moreover works even without Firefox, this is because the output file is simple a HTML file, with all your bookmarked website as hyperlinks.

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