How to check and show Alexa and Google Page Rank

The reason behind starting a blog by you can be as simple as a hobby of writing or can be as complicated as creating a regular income generating blog. But whatever be the reason, progress of your and blog’s popularity can be checked mainly by 3 parameters viz. Google PageRank, Alexa traffic Rank and Technorati Rank.

Google ranks your website/blog on a scale of 10 (higher the better), whereas Alexa measures your blog’s traffic/no. of visitors [Rank 1 presently belongs to Google and Yahoo is at Rank 2, so you can now guess that lower the number the better it is].

Once you have attained sufficient popularity on these two ranking systems, then it is the time to show off your popularity to your blog’s new readers. You can use some badges or buttons, which can be embedded on your blogs.

_b1da868c_Alexa Rank:

Visit this page [Alexa], then in the space provided (select either of the buttons), type your blog’s address:

 Google PageRank

How to check and show Alexa and Google Page Rank
To show your Blog’s Google PageRank, visit this website:
Type your blog’s address, enter the captcha code, and click the button “Generate Now”. Then copy and paste the code of the desired button in to your blog’s HTML – Body part.

As the buttons given by prchecker, are now quite out-dated, so if you want you can show these PageRank buttons [see image in the left], with a new look, then visit the page below:

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Alexa is a very important benchmark to determine the rankings and traffic of sites. Google is placed at the 2nd position as per Alexa rankings and traffic rankings and is facing tough competition from and of course Yahoo.

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Users will be able to create their own search engines indexing particular types of data, a single site, or a set of particular sites because now Alexa is giving access to their crawler to the users and the visitors. Alexa came to this conclusion as a result of some tests that they were conducted on their web search platform. By using Alexa’s search and publication tools users can search and process innumerable number of documents apart from being able to create their own search engine. The users can also store large number of web data as Alexa provides compute and… Read more »

how a very usefull information especially for a newbie like me…

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Hi Sai, I am finally glad to see some SEO discussion on your blog. i am sure that you will do great in that

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Paul Santosh