How to embed and place images/pictures in blogger posts

If you are using Blogger for blogging, then in the older version of Blogger, you may face some problems while uploading and placing images or pictures in between the posts. But if you are using the new Blogger-Beta (Blogger in Draft), then the complete work of placing the pictures anywhere in the post will be a piece of cake for you, as you have to simply drag and drop the images in the place you want and if you want to add a caption to the image, then simply click on the link “Add caption” and write anything about the image (source, description etc.).

Remember to log into Draft.Blogger.Com and NOT to

See the examples below, how easily you can change the position of the pictures:

Image at TOP

Image at LEFT

Image at RIGHT

Image beside any PARAGRAPH
Image at BOTTOM

5 thoughts on “How to embed and place images/pictures in blogger posts

  1. Hi Deep

    I have permanently switched to blogger in draft, and I post almost daily, and never have I got any problem with their system,
    So try to post from some other browser (IE or Firefox or Opera etc)
    If still getting some problem, then you have to contact Blogger team !

  2. How do you get two columns of images? I've resized the thumbnails in the HTML code so that two images could fit side by side size-wise, but they seem to stagger themselves down the page and not sit next to each other.

  3. Use this code, and replace the code (with image codes) at the correct place as indicated…

    <table border="0"><tr>

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