How to show Top Commenters/Commentators widget on BlogSpot Blogs

Top Commenters
function pipeCallback(obj) {

    var i;
    for (i = 0; i < obj.count ; i++) { var href = "'" + obj.value.items[i].link + "'"; if(obj.value.items[i].link == "") var item ="
  1. ” + obj.value.items[i].title + “
  2. “;
    var item = “

  3. ” + “” + obj.value.items[i].title + “
  4. “;


Widget by BloggerStop

If your blog has some loyal visitors and commenters, so one way to show your gratitude for them is to make your blog a “dofollow” blog, or you can add a top-commenters widget to your blog.

Adding a top-commenters is very easy, Just log in to your Blogger account.
Now go to Layout -> Add a Gadget -> HTML/Javascript

Now copy and paste this code in to it:

<script type=”text/javascript”>
function pipeCallback(obj) {
var i;
for (i = 0; i < obj.count ; i++)
var href = “‘” + obj.value.items[i].link + “‘”;
if(obj.value.items[i].link == “”)
var item =”<li>” + obj.value.items[i].title + “</li>”;
var item = “<li>” + “<a href=” + href + “>” + obj.value.items[i].title + “</a> </li>”;
<script src=”” type=”text/javascript”></script>
<span style=”font-size: 80%”>Widget by <a href=””>BloggerStop</a></span>

Replace everything in RED, with the appropriate details of your Blog. You may write any visitor’s name or your own name in filter=BLOG_AUTHOR_NAME (and this name will be deleted from the top commentators list). You may of course change the number of commentators to be displayed. (shown in blue).

57 thoughts on “How to show Top Commenters/Commentators widget on BlogSpot Blogs

  1. Nice one! I have a question though: is it possible to make the links behind the names of the top commenters open in a new tab? Some commenters don’t have a blogger/google profile page so clicking their name will lead to a dead page (see AB in you own top commenters list for example). Better if that happens in a separate page. Thanks for your help.

  2. Nice point Dennis !

    Well, in the code above,

    var item = "<li>" + "<a href=" + href + ">" + obj.value.items[i].title + "</a> </li>";


    var item = "<li>" + "<a target="_blank" href=" + href + ">" + obj.value.items[i].title + "</a> </li>";


  3. Dear Sai,

    Thanks for your fast reply!

    I tried that, but one way or another if I do this, the list disappears. It doesn’t seem to like the target=”_blank” addition.

  4. Hey dude…thanks for bringing my attention to this widget, there was some error in it, due to which it was showing some errors in the data….now I have corrected it….

    I’ll try to give you the code as you wanted…

  5. Here….try this widget:
    <script src=""&gt;{"pipe_id":"7b5e76fd684f11e94320abd4e00fbbca","_btype":"list","pipe_params":{"url":"http://http://www.YOUR_BLOG.COM","filter":"Anonymous","num":"10"}}</script>

    Change the bolded words…and I do not know whether Yahoo! allows you or not, but if you further want to modify the widget, then you have to edit the .js file and then upload it to your own file host and then use the new link in the code above.
    (You may modify the .js file to remove the "get this" link etc.)


  6. As the code is not visible in the comment above, so copy my previous comment COMPLETELY and paste it in MS WORD, bolded words will remain as such….

  7. hi Dsai, I just came around this post and was amazed to see that I have commented so much at your blog. Now I need a gift ๐Ÿ˜€

  8. hiiiiiii Divya,

    I read your blog 1st time…..What can I say it's superb…

    I found this widget but from somewhere else

  9. Sir I want to install top commentator widget on my blog, so that top commnetator get backlink from my blog. But the top commentator widget that you mentioned here only show the blogger profile link against each top commentator.

  10. Well links displayed are those with which commentators have commented. If you want to display their blog's addresses then you have to manually do it, like this:
    <li><a href="address 1">Commentator 1</a></li>
    <li><a href="address 2">Commentator 2</a></li>
    <li><a href="address 10">Commentator 10</a></li>

  11. Nice blog Stephanie, specially your header and top-menu links. Glad to know that the code is working for you ๐Ÿ™‚ You can only filter 1 name from this widget (as far as I know), so even if you are using commas to add more names, it will only consider the first one.


  12. hi,i'd like to share this on my blog,with my mother tongue language. but when i qoute the script, the script will load on the post.

    pls quide how am i able to post the code,without this widget loads on the post.tq

  13. Hi just to check, the chart will auto update by itself right? i mean if someone commented 10 times and the number in the chart will increase automatically? how long does it take to auto update? thanks!

  14. Yeah the script makes it an automatic process to update the list.
    But actually, there's some problem with the comment-number feed link of Blogger. So the list isn't showing the correct number, even in the example widget (in the post above), it is being shown that I have only 331 comments in this blog, whereas I easily have made more than 1000 comments.

  15. Thanks so much. I tried so many other codes from other sites for the top commentators area, but none of those ones worked.

  16. Hey, thks for this wonderful tool!

    I've a weird problem tho'. Strangely, there's a "Family Cuisine Food & Recipe" appearing as my No.5 Top Commenters but I can't find any of its comments. This blog is definitely not one of the top commenters, so I don't understand how the name got listed.

    Can u kindly take a look @ & help me out pls? I'm not tech savvy so clear instructions would be highly appreciated.

    Thks so much!

  17. hi, this really works for my blog however one of my blogging friends is on and some has their own domain and when I incorporate this to my blog those with WP are not counted, is there something you can do to add WP user comments on the same widget?

  18. Hi.. I have try other top commentr widget, at 1st it work smoothly, however after 300 comments of top commentor its start to make problem.. sometimes it shows the top commentor comments lower that its real number..

    i have try yours….. however the top commentors's comments only 185 instead of 351.. can u help me?? plzzzzzzz asap… i really need ur help..

  19. This widget has been the biggest headache. I don't know if blogger is messing with it or if pipes has problems but I get it to work and then it goes repeatedly. Any ideas. Please e-mail me. at gmail

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