It’s Friday – Blogger BackUp Day

Get Blogger Into Your FolderA simple Google search will show you how many people using Blogger have lost their blog posts, comments, templates and/or widgets.
Usually blogs are blocked by Blogger if any inappropriate/illegal content is found in the blogs, but again you can see that many Bloggers aren’t aware of this and they read the Blogger TOS only when their blogs get banned and they completely lose the access/control over their blogs, and so they cannot even correct or remove the inappropriate content from their blogs.

While it is important to read and follow Blogger TOS and not to spam their service, but at the same time you must take precautions and regular backups to avoid any accidental deletion of your blog.
So from now onwards, on every last Friday of the month a post will be published on BloggerStop to remind all the readers (including me) to take backup and store files safely on your PC.

Quick Links:
1. Tutorial for blog posts and comments backup.

2. Tutorial for template and widgets backup (read the first 6 steps of the tutorial).

6 thoughts on “It’s Friday – Blogger BackUp Day

  1. Is it true that many bloggers has lost their posts and comments? Oh, I'm afraid of that so I will backup my blog right now as soo as possible. Glad to hear that you're still using Blogspot.

  2. Hi Divya Sai,

    Now I am not able to export(download), its downloading 1.82 MB only.. I don't know why? previously I was downloading more than 15 MB..Why it is happening like this?

    Pls let me know if you know any reason


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