Kiran Sawhney – Meet The Famous Lifestyle Blogger & A Tango Dancer

Kiran Sawhney - Meet The Famous Lifestyle Blogger & A Tango DancerTo be fair, I don’t think that the title of this page is doing any justice to the multi-talented guest blogger Kiran Sawhney today we have here at BloggerStop. Meet Kiran Sawhney the one-woman army behind,,, and many more social media pages that she handles all alone. And that’s not all, you will be amazed to know the number of fitness services that she offer offline and all the activities & events that she organize and participate regularly. Keep reading to know the real Kiran behind

BS: Your love for yoga, dancing and Tango is certainly evident, but what came first in your life – or Tango? And who/what inspired you to start a blog of your own?

My blog started in 2008. Tango started in 2002. Fitness and Yoga started in 1996.

I do not know who or what inspired what but one thing led to the other. The behind everything I do- blogging, fitness or dance is my sister. I give her full credit for every thing.

BS: People struggle with just a single blog, but you have been managing so many websites, blogs and social media pages. Are you the sole wonder women behind all this or do you have a team?

I solely run my blogs and my websites and I look after the social media and SEO etc. I do not have a team. Sometimes I wish I have one but my work is so diverse that I wonder who would be able to handle and understand so much.

BS: So what all do you blog about? Being an entrepreneur – what are your views on Business Blogging – do you think all businesses must have a blog of their own?

Mine is a lifestyle blog. Under this one big umbrella, I cover fashion, fitness, food, tech, restaurant reviews, travel, people, beauty and makeup, etc. It is as diverse as I am.
I think all businesses should definitely have their blog. It is the best medium to reach to your audience.

BS: Do you have any specific goals/expectations from your blog? Have you already achieved any of these goals?

Like every blogger, I would want my blog to reach larger audience, have more followers and also generate more income. I have achieved few milestones and have many more to achieve.

BS: Have you been able to generate income from your blogs. How did blogging helped you in getting more clients?

Blog gives you income through advertisements, through sponsored posts, google ads and also to spread the message to your potential clients.

BS: How much time do you devote to blogging? Do you blog on weekends?

I devote a lot of time to my blog, social media and my websites. I also work on weekends. I am a workaholic.

BS: What do you think is better; the freedom of just online blogging (like being a tech savvy blogger) or blogging clubbed with an offline activity, service or product – something like you do?

Online and offline activity do go hand in hand. I have lot of work offline and then there is online work.

BS: Are you planning to employ someone to help you in blogging or outsourcing some of your work like blog-designing, social networking or someone for your PR department?

I would love to have someone on board but like i said, it is hard to find someone who can understand such diverse topics- fitness, tango, blog, social media, etc.

Kiran Sawhney - Meet The Famous Lifestyle Blogger & A Tango Dancer

BS: Have you done any mistakes in your blogging life? And what have you learnt from these mistakes?

You learn constantly when you blog. Mistakes are a part of it. Initially you do not know about many things- formatting, SEO, advertising, social media promotions, layout and designing, sponsored posts etc. Then you keep learning from your mistakes and improve.

BS: Something you really want to change in your blog or in yourself being a blogger?

The blog keeps evolving and changing. Better layout, better design, better ranking, more followers, more advertisers, etc.

BS: Say, you are sponsored to travel to 3 world destinations. Which destinations would you pick up, and why? Would you like to take someone along with you? If yes, whom?

1. My top favorite- Argentina- Buenos Aires- to blog and journal about travel and Tango
2. Machu picchu- my dream destination
3. Mexico- I have to explore it more
4. USA- to my sister- where my heart is

BS: Any special message you would like to share with our readers as well with everyone else?

Follow your heart and your dreams always. Read my book- Love, lonely or Alone. There is a lot of message in it.

BS: How can we connect with you (online and offline)?


I am also on fb, instagram, twitter. My handles are kiransawhney

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