Microholas Project – 500 Gigs on a Disk

Now 500 GB on a single DVD like disk !

Microholas Project - 500 Gigs on a DiskAlthough till date an HD-DVD or a Sony Blu-ray disk was being used for storing a maximum of 80 GB, but researchers from The University of Berlin, partnered with Budapest University of Technology and Economics and Universita Politecnica delle Marche in Italy, have worked out how to cram 500GB of data onto Blu-ray or HD DVD discs, saying that 1TB of data is the aim. The Microholas project created a microholographic recording technique that uses nanostructures inside the disc instead of on the surface. 
The overall objective of MICROHOLAS is to implement the microholographic technique for optical storage on CD/DVD-like disks for digital data. The project aims at long-term storage by utilizing periodic nanostructures in the disk volume rather than on the surface as in conventional optical storage systems.
Although I ‘m waiting for a 1 TB external HDD, but this looks better too!
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