More Twitterers Than Diggers

Recently Google took the lead as the most visited website and Search engine on Internet.

Twitter is young and powerful, although initially many people including some pro-bloggers doubted the potential of ‘small tweets’ of just 140 words, but now that the dust has settled, Twitter presently at it’s maximum growth has not only crossed one of the most famous social networking website in terms of traffic and popularity, but has helped a number of other web masters to create new websites entirely being used as add-ons to Twitter.

According to the stats from Alexa, both in terms of unique visitors and page views per visit, Twitter has clearly overtaken Digg by a large margin.

It’s not just Alexa that is showing Twitter above Digg, Compete has something more than this to say:

Velocity from Compete:

Velocity is used to determine the relative growth of a domain over a particular timeframe or compared to other sites.

And the other parameter from Compete (Daily/Monthly Attention), shows that people are enjoying their stay at Twitter too. According to Compete, the traffic from US are spending their 0.2% time at Twitter while only 0.03% at Digg.

So if you haven’t yet started tweeting, then you should better start doing it, as already the big leaders are waiting for you to follow them at Twitter:

@Digg (So Digg is itself tweeting 🙂
@Stumbleupon (planning to integrate with Twitter)
@New York Times
and of course @BloggerStop

9 thoughts on “More Twitterers Than Diggers

  1. Beth, it’s not a secret …..Digg is controlled by just a few Biggies, new bloggers never get attention at Digg, Stumble is a lot good, and Twitter looks gr8 too !

  2. Hi Dsai,
    It is a great info, thks for sharing
    I had a question
    Does making an image unclickable [ removing the href linking code and leaving img src only] will make it seo un-friendly? Is an unclicable image [coded with “alt”]crawled by search engine spiders? I hate when users click my image and steal the urls and does causing my photobucket bandwidth to increase tremendously.
    Plz help

  3. Hi Mohammad,

    Linking to an image is of course not necessary, but the fact is whether visitors click on the image or not, as soon as the image is displayed in your website, bandwidth will be utilised.

    To prevent this, either you can switch from photobucket to gigaimage, or any other similar service with unlimited bandwidth, or if you can wait a little, then I’ll post a way to prevent your images being used by others…

  4. thks for removing my doubts. I will surely wait for that post.
    Dsai I promised to add you to my blogg roll. But since I have changed my mind of adding a blog roll widget due to laod-time problem, I have decided to link back to all hacks or tweaks I learnt from you. I have some different stuff at TNT by STC Which you can use for your future posts by linking back. Dsai we can help each other better if together. My blog also offers some Computer and internet tricks. Most importantly CIE O Level tricks, rarely found in internet. So I would appreciate if you could add my blog to your blog roll. I have decided to write 7 posts that I learnt from your blog and will be delighted in linking back more than 7 times.
    Your frequent reader,

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