Never Write A Bland Blog Headline Again

Never Write A Bland Blog Headline Again

I have a secret lover. Headlines!

That’s because I’m a Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter and a 30 year veteran of sales and marketing that gets results… I love reading and writing headlines.

But much more important than all that is this…

I’m going to show you how to create an awesome blog headline in seconds… first time every time.

Let’s recap on something you may already know..

Most visitors to your blog will NOT read your posts

That’s right. They don’t read – they just scan. Like trained speed-readers. They’re scanning for a keyword that is congruent to their main interests of the moment. The visitor to your blog is looking ever so quickly for a word or phrase that might stop them in their tracks and force them re-read back over it again.

And if that word or few words is in your headline – BINGO! – there’s a good chance they will read the very next line. Which may be a sub-headline or the first sentence of the body copy of your post.

And this is precisely what we want our reader doing… moving form one sentence to the next through the body of the blog to the close at the end where you may want the reader to take some form of action like clicking a link for example.

What’s the alternative?

What happens if the visitor to your blog scans and nothing grabs his or her attention within about three seconds or less?

Bye-bye… they’re gone. Yikes!

By the way – did you know what Used Car Sales People call a person who walks onto the car-yard and walks away without buying car? A Skeleton. Not very nice but no harm meant. It’s an in-house term they use meaning ‘potential buyer now dead’.

I’m not suggesting you must morph into a Car Salesperson but If you don’t grab the attention and interest of the visitor to your blog within a few seconds – they too are skeletons to you.

Always presume EVERY visitor to your blog is a first-time visitor and your job is to go all out to capture their attention and stimulate their interest. Give them something that makes them want to hang around for a while.

So what is the one thing you can do to make sure your headlines are never bad, bland or boring – and will do more to keep visitors on your blog for longer?

Actually there really is more than just one thing… obviously. But, if you’re anything like me, you are looking for the shortest distance between two-points. Right? You want the magic-bullet…

Well – I’m going to share a secret with you on how to cheat. Yes, C-H-E-A-T

Just like that masked magician on TV who performs all those amazing magic tricks and then shows us in every detail how it’s done…

I’m going to give you ‘behind the curtain’ access to the trick some bloggers perform to come up with magnetic headlines in seconds.

With no writer’s block – ever.

“Ladies, gentlemen and bald-headed babies. Your eyes this way if you please…”

Drum roll…

Portent’s Headline Generator

Here’s one headline I prepared a little earlier…. Using two keywords – ‘blog’ and ‘headline’.

All I did was enter the two keywords into the empty field on the web page.

Then I pressed the magic button and… hey presto!

Never Write A Bland Blog Headline Again

Look what appeared like a rabbit out of the hat…

Why No One Talks About Blog Headlines Any More

A very attention grabbing headline. Cool huh?

Not into the cheating style of writing headlines? OK – try these other ideas for size…

You can invest thousands of dollars and years of days and nights studying until 3AM on how to write like a pro. If you have the motivation, willpower and budget of hundreds of dollars then do what I did and select from the many courses for writers available at American Writers & Artists Inc.

Or leap into Dan Kennedy’s Certificate Course for Copy writing which will beam you up like Scotty into a whole new stratosphere of writing skills (around $2000 and highly recommended).

“Mike, I don’t have a budget and I don’t have all that time. Just give me a few tips for writing a killer blog headline right here – and right now.”

Wow! I love that enthusiasm… okay! Here’s a guide for writing a ‘promise’ headline…

1. Clearly define the topic of your post in ONE core keyword ( for this post: ‘headline’)
2. What one thing will your reader discover? (for this post: ‘how-to write’)
3. How will your reader benefit the most? (for this post: ‘an end to bland headlines’)
4. Combine 1, 2, 3, into a promise-statement… (for this post I wrote the following headline)

Never Write A Bland Blog Headline Again

Never Write A Bland Blog Headline Again

One last tip. If you can read a book and take action then the one book I first recommend to people who ask me, “how can I write like you?” is by famed author, copywriter and speaker Joe Vitale titled, Hypnotic Writing.

If you want to forget everything else I’ve shared in this post and go out and grab a copy of Hypnotic Writing – and put Joe Vitale’s tips into action – you will write killer headlines and much more… first time, every time.

I promise!

Which ever tip you choose today – you just gotta start ripping out those magic blog headlines.

Learn to have a love affair with headlines like I do if you want to advance the reputation of your blog and have readers hang around for longer.

Happy headlining!

Never Write A Bland Blog Headline Again

Mike Searles is a Sociology graduate; Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter, and 30 year veteran of sales and marketing that gets results. Grab his Free Report, The Irresistible Offer at

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