NOKIA – Point Click And Find – It’s Beyond 3G

NOKIA - Point Click And Find - Its Beyond 3G
World And Web United – Part 2
Recently I have blogged about a concept computer that can be used to click on any article, building, text or picture and get all information about that instantly directly from the image. Although it is just in the concept phase right now, But in the Nokia labs, it has taken a step further.
Although I am a huge fan of Sony Ericsson, and usually dislike Nokia, but products like these may develop a huge of interest for Nokia in people like me.
The phone is not commercially available but it has been already demonstrated at the company’s annual developer event in Barcelona, and anything coming out of the R&D labs and being demonstrated to the general public means a lot of work has definitely been done on it.
Definitely beyond 3G, the technology called as “Point And Find”. As they have named it, you simply have to click on a movie poster, and get all the details, review sand ticketing information within minutes, without typing a single digit.

The phone had a built-in Global Positioning System (GPS) chip, which can locate where on Earth you are standing, and will give you the information about availability of tickets, in the nearby theaters.

Nokia’s Chief Executive Olli-Pekka Kallasvuo offers a new buzzword for this sort of service: So-Lo or Social Location. Technologies such as ‘Point and Find’ on our mobile phones, give each of us a new identity, he says. “Phones will figure out who we are and where we are — and lead us to the precise information we seek.”

‘Point and find’ can be a reality as early as next year, Nokia’s India-based vice-president Shiv Shivakumar promises.

For a brief description on “Point and Find”, see this PDF File

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