How To Save 27% on Godaddy Domain Renewals [No Promocode Required]

It’s Black Friday around the corner – biggest shopping festival both offline and online, but sadly never are there any deals for domain renewals. But if your domain is registered at GoDaddy, then there’s a hidden way of getting a huge discount that too not just on Black Fridays but throughout the year.

27% Off on Godaddy Domain Renewals

You would have seen domain registrars offering domain names at dirt cheap prices like $0.99 for a .com domain. This is exactly the same business strategy used by telecom companies in India. They offer new SIM cards at a price which is next to free. … Continue Reading..

The Best Guide To Setup Blogger Custom Domain

how to setup blogger custom domain
This guide gives you all the information you need, about the correct domain name that you should use while blogging on Google’s Blogger platform.

First, read the advantages of using custom domain names over the freely available sub-domains.

Then, head over to the complete tutorial on how to switch to a custom domain from a domain name.

If you are planning to give a professional look to your blog by changing the url from to, then look no further. You are reading the best and easiest tutorial for it.

For this tutorial you just … Continue Reading..

Redirect Old Blogger Posts To New Posts (SEO Friendly Way)

301 Custom Redirect Old Blogger Posts To New Blogger Posts - In a SEO friendly Way

This is definitely one of the best SEO features that Blogger has given to its users. You can now redirect any of your old already published posts on your Blogger/BlogSpot blog to new ones in a completely SEO friendly way [301 redirects are possible in Blogger now]
With time, for almost all the blogs there comes a situation when some of the old blog posts do not hold valid and need to be replaced with new ones.
But, even after publishing an improvised/latest version of the article on your blog, the old blog post does keep … Continue Reading..

Learn How To Blog In Hindi – From Naveen Choudhary

Learn How To Blog In Hindi with Naveen Choudhary (Interview)

For many people it comes as a surprise that English is NOT the most spoken language in the world. It is in fact Chinese: Mandarin Chinese. English is at position #3 even behind Spanish.

And another surprising fact is that Hindi is immediately after English in the ranking list at position #4 with more than 300 Million native speakers.

In line with these numbers and rankings, we do have a separate alternate online world led by Chinese websites and even a Chinese Google alternate: Baidu.

But sadly unlike Chinese, even with such a huge market and audience

Continue Reading..

Read The Entrepreneurial Journey of Karan from

If you have ever tried to save your taxes through a Google search, then chances are high that you would have landed up at Today at BloggerStop, meet the person who founded this great blog helping so many Indians to save hundreds & thousands of millions of rupees.

Read The Entrepreneurial Journey of Karan from

Sai: Welcome to BloggerStop, Karan. To start with… How do you best describe yourself – An Entrepreneur, Chartered Accountant, Blogger or something else?

Karan: A CA turned Entrepreneur. Blogging is something I’m good at and consider it as a part of Entrepreneurship.

Sai: Your blog and Continue Reading..

Kiran Sawhney – Meet The Famous Lifestyle Blogger & A Tango Dancer

Kiran Sawhney - Meet The Famous Lifestyle Blogger & A Tango DancerTo be fair, I don’t think that the title of this page is doing any justice to the multi-talented guest blogger Kiran Sawhney today we have here at BloggerStop. Meet Kiran Sawhney the one-woman army behind,,, and many more social media pages that she handles all alone. And that’s not all, you will be amazed to know the number of fitness services that she offer offline and all the activities & events that she organize and participate regularly. Keep reading to know the real Kiran behind

BS: Your love for yoga, dancing and Tango Continue Reading..

Who is “Dinar Guru Blogspot”

who is dinar gurus blogspot

On BloggerStop, you usually see posts on blogging and SEO tips. So, you might be wondering that you are on an off topic post here. BUT… let me tell you, this post is not at all an off topic gibberish article on some “Guru Blogger from the middle east who blogs about Dinar and Money”. If you are a blogger and your aim is to get huge traffic to your website, then just continue reading.

It all started with an article at Alexa on finding “Low Competition Keywords“. It’s definitely a good article and you must go through … Continue Reading..

How To Add Music Files To Blogger Blogs

Live demo of the music player is here.
How To Add Music Files To Blogger Blogs

There are several occasions when you would like to add music to your blogs. While music bloggers need to do this all the time who review songs, albums, create their own tracks and share it with their audience. Many other bloggers love to play music on their blogs during festivals and occasions like Christmas, Diwali, Holi or Independence day.

You would have seen music players embeded and floating on all the pages of websites like Pandora,, Saavn or Gaana
With this tutorial you will be able to put a similar … Continue Reading..

How To Embed Youtube Videos Responsively (Mobile Friendly)

Here’s a quick tutorial to embed Youtube videos responsively for your audience on mobile devices.

How To Embed Youtube Videos Responsively (Mobile Friendly)

If you directly add Youtube videos to your website or blog without making them responsive, then the video might go out of the frame on smaller screens – forcing your readers to tilt their screens or they may just leave your blog or website without watching the complete video.

Here’s a screenshot which shows you the difference between a non-responsive and responsive embeded Youtube video:

How To Embed Youtube Videos Responsively (Mobile Friendly)
View Live Demo Here

So here’s how you embed Youtube videos in responsive layouts

You just need to add … Continue Reading..

Add An MP3 Music Player To Your BlogSpot Blog

UPDATE 06 October’16: Streampad music player is no longer working. So, read this new tutorial to add a better and more customizable MP3/Music player to your blog : Add MP3 player to your blog
Demo of the player is a floating bar at the bottom of this page

Songs used in Demo (autoplay enabled):
1. Airtel Theme
2. Hutch Ringtone

The previous embeddable MP3 player discussed on BloggerStop had many limitations and was quite complicated in terms of customizing it.

So this tutorial will help you to add a customized music player and create your own playlist. The first … Continue Reading..