How To Add Music or MP3 Songs in Your Blogspot Blog

How To Add Music or MP3 Songs in Your Blogspot Blog
*UPDATE 06 October’16: The media player used in this tutorial and hosted at Google Sites is no longer working. So, read this new tutorial to add a better and more customizable MP3/Music player to your blog : Add MP3 player to your blog
If you want to embed any music file or mp3 in to your website so that your audience can listen and enjoy it, then here’s a simple way to do it !

First of all you need a DIRECT link of the song/ mp3 file.
So upload it to:

Now you will be having … Continue Reading..

Never Write A Bland Blog Headline Again

Never Write A Bland Blog Headline Again

I have a secret lover. Headlines!
That’s because I’m a Dan Kennedy Certified Copywriter and a 30 year veteran of sales and marketing that gets results… I love reading and writing headlines.
But much more important than all that is this…
I’m going to show you how to create an awesome blog headline in seconds… first time every time.
Let’s recap on something you may already know..
Most visitors to your blog will NOT read your posts
That’s right. They don’t read – they just scan. Like trained … Continue Reading..

Embed Presidential Debate Tweets In Blogger In 2 Minutes

embed presidential tweets in your blog in 2 minutes

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add the ongoing “Tweets from the Presidential Debates of 2016” to your blog. The process hardly takes 2 minutes, if you already have a Twitter and a Blogger/Wordpress account.
Although I have made this tutorial specific to the ongoing presidential debates of 2016, but you can follow the same process to embed tweets of any Twitter #Hashtag.

This tutorial has mainly two parts:
1. Take the code from Twitter.
2. Paste it in your Blogger/Wordpress blog

For the first step, i.e. to take the code from Twitter please … Continue Reading..

Easiest Way To Add (On Hover) Pinterest Icon To All The Images Of Your Blog

Recently while writing an article on “How To Add Floating Share Widget To Blogger Blogs“, I stumbled on an easy way to make the images of a blog shareable.

Easiest Way To Add (On Hover) Pinterest Icon To All The Images Of Your Blog

In a nutshell, once you add a single line of code to your blog and when readers hover their mouse on the images within your blog (both new and existing images), small Pinterest buttons will appear on them. If your images are attractive enough, then they will be shared on Pinterest along with a backlink to original article and it will get you a boost in traffic from Pinterest.… Continue Reading..

Floating Share Buttons With Total Shares Count For Your BlogSpot Blog

Floating Share Buttons With Total Shares Count For Your BlogSpot Blog

There are many tutorials on Internet that can help you add a floating widget with multiple share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. But most of them require much of your effort for such an easy task, specially if you want to show the “Total Shares Count“, unlike this one on BloggerStop.

In this article you will be given with two options (both are equally easy) through which you can add a floating sharing widget with all the possible variations for both desktop and mobile devices.

First have a look at the working demo…
Well, … Continue Reading..

SMO – Facebook Meta Tags For Blogger Blogs

Meta Tags are really important for blogs and websites, not just for Search Engine Optimization but for Social Media Optimization as well. If you are not sure on the status of your meta tags for SEO (Google), then do have a look at this post first: Check Your Meta Tags and How To Add Them To Blogger Blogs. Also, make sure that you do not have duplicate meta tags in your Blogger blogs.

In this tutorial you are going to add meta tags for Facebook – a must if you are planning to link your blog to your

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Evergreen Blogging Ventures – Select Your Niche

evergreen blogging seo and traffic ideas

Bloggers regularly look for hot and trending topics which have good social relevance too. So if you too are confused about what should be your next area of blogging, then here are a few ideas for you. These are not new but they are always in demand and they keep on changing and evolving with time, giving you several opportunities to enter whenever you want to.

Travel Blogs
Yes this is a cliché, but why not give it a try. Your experiences would have been unique and your understanding of the places you visited and people you met will definitely

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5 Hacks To Ensure More People Read Your Blog

5 Hacks To Ensure More People Read Your Blog

Everyone with a blog knows the struggle of pushing more content out to generate more traffic. We bloggers, are super hard workers. But what if we ask you, not to work hard?
Yes, that’s right! Don’t work hard, but work smart to make sure more people read your blog. Churning out more volume of content does not necessarily imply more traffic. What you need to work on is how to make a thousand people read your single article, rather than write 10 articles for the same audience.
But how do you do this? Here are 5 super simple

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Mastering Digital Marketing – What and When To Sell (And To Whom)

Regular readers of this blog already know how to start an eCommerce website with $0 investment and sell practically anything through their website without spending a dime on creating or maintaining the inventory – earning hundreds and thousands of dollars in profits by selling them.
With complete Internet as your target audience and behemoth companies like Amazon or eBay as your source/inventory, you have pretty much everything to offer and earn commissions by selling them. But having so much to offer is really overwhelming and it is certainly difficult to decide what to sell, how to sell, when Continue Reading..

How To Add A Responsive Image Gallery To Blogger Blogs (Most Simple Code)

How To Add A Responsive Image Gallery To Blogger Blogs (Most Simple Code)
Image Gallery For Blogger Blogs – Live Demo
Here’s an easy way to add a highly customizable image gallery to your Blogger/Blogspot blog. The gallery is based on jQuery and created by fotorama team. The features and customization possibilities with this gallery are limitless.
Just to give you an idea, some of the functionalities that can be controlled in this gallery are:

1. Lightbox based full screen view option
2. An option to switch on/off auto play
3. You can play the photos in a loop or shuffled manner
4. Use default widths and also max-width
5. Show or hide … Continue Reading..