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Updated on 21st September, 2016: Entrecard no longer exists. Please read the article on how to increase your traffic organically.

This is a Guest Post by Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai. Follow him on Twitter @MyBloggerTricks

Stop-Dropping-and-Start-Earning Entrecard is a name that most of you know as a traffic source but are you really getting tremendous and continuous targeted traffic from it? If you have a negative answer then you are on the right stop to learn how to drive traffic from Entrecard like you never did before!

As you know Entrecard is a service, through which you can advertise your product on thousands of blogs by displaying the standard 125 by 125 AD Banner. The only thing you need to do, is to show a 125 x 125 AD Banner widget on your blog, so that other fellow bloggers can also advertise on your blog.

Bloggers who are using Entrecard usually experience these three issues:

1. Those who visit/drop at your blog are not always targeted visitors,
2. You Gain Entrecard credits/ECs by shedding a lot of sweat but lose it badly when you start advertising your product on other blogs
3. Same Droppers every second day!
4. Low Traffic from blogs where you have advertised.

If you are really suffering through all these problems discussed above, then you need to adopt a different strategy that can help you achieve what you should from Entrecard.

Entrecard is a newly born Traffic source and not as effective as the monster traffic sources like Digg and StumbleUpon and BlogExplosion. So how one should use this system to receive maximum targeted traffic? Well the answers/tips are simple yet logical. Have a look at the three best Entrecard Traffic tips shared below,

1. Advertise on Cheapest Blogs to Attract loyal Visitors and Subscribers

Your targeted visitors should be mainly the minor ones. They are the ones who turn out to be loyal visitors. Always choose publishers who costs no more than 2 ECs.

Now how come you receive traffic by advertising on these newly born blogs?

Your Targeted visitors are the publishers themselves! When you advertise on a blog, the blog owner will surely visit your blog to check if he should approve your Ad or not. The moment s/he visits your blog, you get your first targeted loyal visitor, because as a newbie, anything that you share is a new learning resource for her/him. What happens next? If your blog appears interesting to the publisher, s/he will surely subscribe to your Feed Updates. Thus becoming a Subscriber! Imagine if you have 500 Entrecard Credits in your account and you advertise on 250 blogs costing 2 ECs, you will receive 250 unique plus targeted visitors with a minimum of 20-30 subscribers! Moreover you will also receive a fair amount of traffic from the publisher’s blog that will further add to your targeted traffic.

Don’t waste ECs by advertising on popular and expensive blogs. The probability that a visitor will click the Ad is 0.1% which means that if 1000 visitors visit that popular blog only one will click the Ad. Normally only commercial websites receive 1000-10000 visitors a day. Most of the blog owners at Entrecard are normally self financed bloggers, receiving a maximum of 1000 visitors and probably not more than that (excluding some major blogs of course). So focus more on cheaper publishers and don’t expect too much of traffic from Entrecard widget.

2. Stop Dropping and Start Earning ECs Smartly

You don’t necessarily need to visit 10-100 blogs each other day to earn Entrecard Credits. This would be like wasting your time. Start acting smartly and receive ECs by not dropping at all!

The more you advertise the more EC and traffic you earn. When you advertise on a blog, the publisher will surely visit your blog as I said in Tip #1  and if your content was related to that of the publishers you will receive an advert/Ad request. For example if you advertise on 100 blogs costing 2 ECs you will surely receive a minimum of 20 AD requests which will cause the advertising cost on your blog to increase simultaneously. According to Entrecard’s algorithm the advertising cost on your blog multiply with the simultaneous increase in the number of Ad requests. Thus you earn more when you advertise more. Leading to smart ECs earning!

NT:- Stop Dropping doesn’t mean that you may not drop at all. When you drop at a niche blog the blog owner will surely drop back/visit back. Dropping at relevant blogs is encouraging and you can surely do that to expect traffic. But give more importance to Dropping when you have low ECs in your account.

3. Don’t blog about monthly Top Droppers

Don’t try to make the top dropper to your blog happy by adding his name to the monthly top droppers list on your blog. Instead act professionally and stick to your blog topic.  Linking to several low PR blogs on a post will decrease the importance of your blog in the eyes of the loyal readers and search engines. Your readers will find your posts less professional because you are not about what you should, thereby diverting their focus. To many links from one post to several Low PR blogs will decrease your PR significantly and is strongly not appreciated by search engines. People will start visiting your blog again and again just to give you a drop so that they could be added to the monthly droppers list. But they will not read your posts because they are not your loyal readers, as a result the bounce rate of your blog will increase immensely. Your blog will be used only for gaining back links.

In short the biggest advantage of not blogging about droppers would be that the number of publishers, adverts and unique visitors to your blog would increase. Your blog’s reputation in Entrecard Community will increase. You will gain respect also in the eyes of the Giant Entrecard users. They too will pay you a visit and will request you to place their Ad on your blog.

That’s All!

I hope you have learnt something that could help you make the best out of Entrecard. I would also advise you that pay more attention to your blog’s first impression. Use professional style blogger templates to drive even better quality traffic. It all comes with a little effort and a lot of patience. So remain motivated and keep blogging, for the world needs you.

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Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai is an Engineering Student with keen interest in Web development, Blogging and Social Media. He is a certified Search Engine Optimizer. During his leisure time he blogs at

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Thanks to you and Mohammad for this great post.

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Jessica Guerro

Wow, thanks for the great tips on how to use entrecard to really gain traffic for my blog. I really enjoyed this article and look forward to more. Thanks for sharing the great info.

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Latest Technology News

These tips are really awesome 🙂

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OK, OK, I'm a newbie to entrecard, and I did what you have said ,… advertise on the cheap ones.. nice tips …

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These tips are really useful. I never knew this way of driving traffic through entrecard.

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Thank you sai! They were really helpful

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The Beer Soap Company

I am still trying to learn the ins and outs of Entrecard, even though I have been signed up for over a year. This article gave me a few pointers that I will work on implementing. Thanks a lot.

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Entrecard is great. I just joined and got a recommendation right off the bat. My ego got puffed up because a lot of people wanted to advertise on my blog right away, then my ego got flattened when I learned eager Entrecarders wait at the "recently joined" door to jump on the cheap advertising marks like me. I'm doing the same thing now. It's like a mosh pit over there.

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