How To Quickly Clean Your Gmail Inbox

Gmail is synonymous to email these days. I hardly ever hear people using an alternate email ID.

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And equally famous is email marketing. No digital marketing campaign nowadays is complete without a flavor of email marketing in it.

And what do we get by clubbing these two – A Gmail inbox flooded with spam mails.

If you miss cleaning it even for a single day, your inbox will be filled with hundreds if not thousands of marketing emails.

It so happened with me, when I could not clean my inbox for almost four months. And the result – more than 10,000 unread mails in my inbox with almost around 95% of spam marketing emails.

Now, my task was to filter out those 5% emails (approximately 500) and delete rest of 9500 mails. Believe me – that’s exactly like finding a needle in a haystack. And I guess, you are in a similar situation and that is why you are reading this tutorial.

So, let’s see what I did and what you can do as well, to quickly clean your gmail inbox and have a good night sleep.

How To Quickly Clean Gmail Inbox

Briefly this is what you are going to do..

  1. Open Gmail
  2. Search for unread mails using “is:unread” commmand
  3. Navigate to one of the oldest pages
  4. Select a mail which sounds like spam and list all the mails from this sender
  5. Delete them
  6. Repeat steps 2 to 5, until you clear all the major spam messages
  7. Then manually delete those which are left after this process

Steps in detail:

Open Gmail and list all the unread mails

By using the search query: “is:unread

Navigate to one of the oldest pages

Now go to page #2 of your unread messages.

The url of the page will automatically change to this:

Where “p2” corresponds to page #2. So, if you are displaying 100 messages per page and have around 10,000 unread messages, then simply change the number to 80/90. You will directly reach page 80/90 of unread messages.

Important: We are doing this, because older messages are usually the most irrelevant messages that are easy to delete without even checking their content.

Now look for a spam message

Find a spam message. But don’t delete just this one. We will use it to list all the messages from the same sender and delete all of their messages.

So, once you find a spam message; place the cursor on the sender’s name you will see a small pop-up. Click on the small links “emails”.

Now all the messages from this sender will be shown to you. And you will be amazed to see that the messages will not at all sound similar even though they are all from the same sender [that’s SPAM]

Simply, select all the unread message and hit delete.

Repeat the steps

Now repeat these steps, to find another spam message – list all the emails from the same sender and hit delete.

Now the manual work

Once you are done with all the big lists. And the list is down to some hundred or so unread messages, then you can just filter the unread messages and decide which ones to keep and which can be deleted.


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