A Pictorial Related Posts Widget For Blogger Blogs

Both pictures and related posts widget are very important for a blog.
Pictures do speak a thousand words and they express your thoughts in a better way. And related posts will of course show more options to your readers and thus they stay longer on your blog.
So a perfect mixture of these two will definitely help you to build a more successful blog.

Pictorial Related Posts Widget For Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs

Moreover this widget overcomes another problem in the previous related posts widget, which used to show only the latest related posts. But this widget crawls all your blog and then randomly selects the related articles.

There are no ads in the widget and you do not even have to register in their website to use the widget.
Simply visit LinkWithin, enter the details, click on “Get Widget“. In the new page, click on Install Widget button, and the widget will be ready for your blog.

Although there are some limitations in the widget, like you cannot customize it, but as they say and I have experienced too, the widget does get blend in to your blog easily.
Presently I am using this widget along with the previous widget, and I already have noticed many clicks through the widget.

I would recommend you to try this widget for at least a week.
NOTE: As the widget is based on JavaScript, so it will take some to load in your blog.

51 thoughts on “A Pictorial Related Posts Widget For Blogger Blogs

  1. Well Nukta….if it showing up the posts, then it should show the images too (provided, images are there in the posts…)
    Or the other reason may be that, the widget requires some time to properly index your blog….so you may add the widget and check after 2/3 days, if things are fine or not…

  2. @ Another way to earn money
    Of course you are free to share your views dude….
    Anyways as I have said, I am still trying this widget, and presently I can see some increase in intra-blog surfing among my readers due to this widget, if it increases more then I can compromise for the inc. in loading time(which is actually not very significantly more too…)

  3. I’m trying this pictorial related blog widget right now.. And I’ll also try the Add Smiley later =)

    Thanks for your tips =) Keep ’em coming

  4. Hi Eliza,

    Just visited your blog, you are using a nice template, and as you also use pictures in your blog, so this widget is looking good too in your blog.

    @ Eliza & Everybody

    To HIDE this widget in HomePage and to show it ONLY in your POSTS, use this code:

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>

  5. @ Sexy Celebrity HQ Wallpaper

    Remove your normal realted posts wisget, add linkwithin widget, then add ‘normal related posts’ widget below the linkwithin widget…that’s it.

  6. :)) Hello Divya, i tried to get this widget, i install but it didn’t work. it shows nothing apart the linkwithin link, So i write to

    and they answer me the next day, and here what they say : “There was a problem crawling your blog’s feed which is fixed now, so the widget should work properly.
    We also changed it to show 4 related posts.”

    indeed the widget now is working perfectly and showing 4 related posts links. moreover it get totally blend with the template. look hereand an other thing, the phrase “You might like these stories: ” is shown in different languages (English, french, Spanish …) depending on the language of the page, this is wonderful.

  7. you should write them too and tell us if they will show 4 related posts. it’s better 4 related posts, isn’t it ???

    as u have many posts and u have write a post about them they also can make it 5 related posts :)) :)) :)) :)) :))
    thank u Divya very happy with this widget

  8. You are using the wrong code dude:
    <b:if item="cond" = data:blog.pagetype="item">

    & what I have suggested to use is this one:

    <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == "item"'>

  9. Hi Divya,

    I am trying to get the code from Link Within for a Blogger blog. They keep saying they don't support personal sites. I've worked two other blogs in Word Press and Typepad that both allowed the code, although I wasn't the one who got it. My site is fully on Astronomy. Would you have any ideas why they won't allow me to get the code? I don't have any Google ads in yet, could that be something? And looking at the post above, all of my posts have at least one picture.

    Thanks for any help you can give me – I REALLY want that code 🙂

  10. Hi! My latest post reveals how I created an (poor man's) alternative to this. The code is there for you to see. I would be interested to know what you think of it.

    Take Care,

  11. Oh boy, Linkwithin redirect from them and it's google guidelines don't recomend redirection.
    I tried and drastic lost trafic.
    Better to hope an official gadget from blogger

  12. I just wanted you to know that this widget corrupts itself from time to time, or maybe Blogger doesn't like it, because it will stop showing images or it will show duplicate posts, etc. I'm going to dump it and try just putting code in for random posts with thumbnails. I'm tired of it messing up and making my blog look bad.

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