Correct Way To Use Permalinks In Blogger Blogs

Permalinks are the URLs which you get once you publish an article on Blogger/BlogSpot.

Correct Way To Use Permalinks In Blogger Blogs
While bloggers usually focus more on content and headlines but they should give equal (if not more) importance to the Permalinks as well.

First, let’s see what exactly are Permalinks, which are taking importance almost equal to that of Post-Titles and Post-Content itself.

What Are Permalinks

In simple words – it’s the physical address where your articles (or any web page) can be located.

Have a look at Google’s Homepage permalink…

Yes, that’s the same as, but their About page has a different Permalink, which is:

Address always matters – be it offline or online.
It is always easy to locate a property, house or apartment if they are properly numbered and in the correct order. Moreover it is always easy for us to locate an address which is short and simple to remember.

Similarly, Search Engines love those pages which have a short and simple address (they used to love numbered and ordered pages as well, but lately keywords have taken preference over numbers).

SEO is all about common sense. It’s much easier to rank high if you can co-relate the online world with the offline word.

Do Blogger Have Permalinks?

Yes, of course. Blogger or be it any platform, all the blogs (and websites) do have a permalink structure.

Although in WordPress you have more freedom to play with your Permalinks, but Blogger also does allow you to modify the default Permalink structure up to a certain limit.

Recently after a discussion with one of my readers, I thought it will be very helpful to my fellow bloggers, to discuss the correct way of writing perfect SEO friendly titles and permalinks for their blog posts.

Titles or Headlines must not miss your keyword. And they should sound interesting (but not clickbait – people now do understand what clickbait articles sound like and how to avoid clicking on such titles)

While talking about titles or headlines, do make sure that you have already swapped your title-blog name in your blog

Correct Way Of Creating Permalinks In Blogger Blogs

In Blogger, you have two things to consider while writing a post headline: The Title and the URL (Permalink).

If you are planning to write a short title (of 4-5 words) then do not worry about this trick, just make sure that it has all the keywords in it.

But if you are writing a long title (8-10 words) then you must keep in mind that in Google SERPs, if the title or the url is too long, then they are truncated after around 60-70 letters (including spaces).

While it is not necessary for the permalink to make any sense (to read), but it should have all the keywords in a readable sequence. On the other hand, your actual title must have all the important keywords and at the same time it should make sense and be attractive enough to catch the attention of the readers.

For example, if you want to write a title something like this: World’s Fastest Car Declared – Bugatti Veyron (around 40 letters), then you can go ahead and skip the word “declared” from the url (Permalink) which might be eating up some important space in your permalink.


So, to avoid the auto truncation, you may tailor the Permalink yourself in Blogger, to something like this:


Correct Way To Use Permalinks In Blogger Blogs


Key Points To Remember While Framing Permalinks In Blogger

  • The Permalink must have all the keywords (or at least the synonyms)
  • It should be short and crisp (maximum of 4-5 words)
  • It must not have irrelevant or random words/phrases like New Post January, Post 1276

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Blogging for profit

This one is very very useful… exactly that i was looking for. Thanks sai!

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thanks Dsai..
now i know how to write a better title 🙂

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Divya Sai

You are welcome Ijan !

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very good sharing

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One way to get around this is by first choosing an SEO optimized title. Publish the post. Then even if you change the title, the URL won't change.

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The Genuine Islam

Thanks a lot for this helpful post , but I'm wondering how do I change the link of the post ? because I used to write long titles so the URL are truncated 🙁 ?

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