You are welcome Kashif,Yeah labels are categories in Blogger. …

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You are welcome Kashif,

Yeah labels are categories in Blogger.

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SEO Plugins / Add-ons For Firefox
For meta tags it shows:Not available for Firefox 13.0.1
now what should i do for meta tags

SEO Plugins / Add-ons For Firefox
Wow…this is rock man. I always use firefox, but didnt know about these plugins. Nice sharing.

thx so much

SEO Plugins / Add-ons For Firefox
Tell me one thing how can i create categories in my blog? or i have to use tags or labels as categories?

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Add Yahoo Smiley Emoticons Above Blogger/BlogSpot Comment Form
🙂 Thank you!

Longest Webpage On Internet
making this page longer please don't delete it admin

Longest Webpage On Internet
lol, took 2 maybe 3 hours. i am steaming mad!

Longest Webpage On Internet
I made it in 10 seconds without milestones XD

Floating Share Buttons With Total Shares Count For Your BlogSpot Blog
Hey there, I am using the one from Addthis currently.
If you want something similar to the one below all the posts, then you can try the widget from SumoMe as well, as it allows to place the widget at various different positions like below the header, below the post etc.


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