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We know that content is king for a blog. But to make it reach the masses, we must follow Pareto’s Principle of 80/20.

Once you write an article, no matter how lengthy it is and how useful it is, if you are not already famous on Google – then it’s just 20% of your work that has been done. You must spend another 80% of your time promoting it across social websites, forums and everywhere possible.

Even if you just focus on the social networking websites and micro-blogging sites, currently with dozens of these websites, the whole work of writing the same description and adding the same article-link again & again everywhere becomes too boring and almost impossible.

So, to make your job easy we have a special tool here –

This website is very different from the usual tools/websites like “AddThis” or “AddToAny”. Through this website, you submit the url and the description only once and then simply start adding it to the large number of social bookmarking websites, available alongside.

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Sites included in the list are:


25 thoughts on “Submit To All Social Networking Websites At Once

  1. i tried this…how can i know that they have added my link in all the sites..when i added my link nothing happend only the page get refreshed and displayed my link information (which i have added) on the right hand side

  2. Once the page refreshes, that means is NOW READY to post,

    but still some manual work is required from you, that is:

    click on the POST links in front of all those social networking sites, and make sure that you are logged in to them(digg, reddit, stumble etc), while posting.

  3. HUUUUH. I have no clue on how to use this website. I typed in my url info and everything else, but how can I log in to all of the sites at once? I need a step by step guide. HEEEEELP!!!! ~x(

  4. Okay..see basically this tool doesn’t help you to log in, but helps you from typing again and again the same description and link in various social bookmarking sites.

    Just fill the form, and click on “Start Posting”

    Now in the table (in the left), start clicking on the POST links in front of sites like Digg, StumbleUpon etc.

    But when you click on them, they’ll need you to log in, so make sure that you are already logged in to them , and then click on those POST links.

    That means, first log in to the sites like Digg, reddit, technorati etc, and then go this tool and start submitting your article to those web sites.

  5. I had used this site like twice before but was trying to find it again for a friend and just couldn’t locate it. After some Googling I came to your site 😛 Thanks for posting about this site, I really appreciate it! And great job with the SEO, lol. Keep up the good work!

  6. I used to use something similar but that website submitted only to 18 social bookmarking services. Anyway this one looks good. I only wonder if posting exactly the same titles and descriptions to all those services is a good idea. I used to do this manually but slightly change each description and title for every one of them.

  7. hello Dsai..
    long time no see..
    Happy New Year 🙂

    btw,how to put a share button below the post just like you have in this blog?
    i like the new widget you've put below the post,could i have that widget in my blog?


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