Learn How To Start A Fashion Blog From MissMinusSized!

If you think fashion blogging is enjoyable – then you are right…
If you think fashion blogging is overcrowded – then also you are right…
But if you think it’s easy to conquer – then take a break…it’s not a piece of cake!

Fashion + Blogging is definitely something more than just showcasing your wardrobe to the world. While you definitely have to be creative with your wardrobe and all your fashion accessories, at the same time the blogging aspect of it demands your command on design, technology, photography, writing, marketing and SEO skills. Of course you don’t Continue Reading..

Learn How To Blog In Hindi – From Naveen Choudhary

Learn How To Blog In Hindi with Naveen Choudhary (Interview)

For many people it comes as a surprise that English is NOT the most spoken language in the world. It is in fact Chinese: Mandarin Chinese. English is at position #3 even behind Spanish.

And another surprising fact is that Hindi is immediately after English in the ranking list at position #4 with more than 300 Million native speakers.

In line with these numbers and rankings, we do have a separate alternate online world led by Chinese websites and even a Chinese Google alternate: Baidu.

But sadly unlike Chinese, even with such a huge market and audience

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Read The Entrepreneurial Journey of Karan from CharteredClub.com

If you have ever tried to save your taxes through a Google search, then chances are high that you would have landed up at CharteredClub.com. Today at BloggerStop, meet the person who founded this great blog helping so many Indians to save hundreds & thousands of millions of rupees.

Read The Entrepreneurial Journey of Karan from CharteredClub.com

Sai: Welcome to BloggerStop, Karan. To start with… How do you best describe yourself – An Entrepreneur, Chartered Accountant, Blogger or something else?

Karan: A CA turned Entrepreneur. Blogging is something I’m good at and consider it as a part of Entrepreneurship.

Sai: Your blog and Continue Reading..

Kiran Sawhney – Meet The Famous Lifestyle Blogger & A Tango Dancer

Kiran Sawhney - Meet The Famous Lifestyle Blogger & A Tango DancerTo be fair, I don’t think that the title of this page is doing any justice to the multi-talented guest blogger Kiran Sawhney today we have here at BloggerStop. Meet Kiran Sawhney the one-woman army behind KiranSawhney.com, DelhiMilonga.com, NewdelhiTango.com, FitneSolution.com and many more social media pages that she handles all alone. And that’s not all, you will be amazed to know the number of fitness services that she offer offline and all the activities & events that she organize and participate regularly. Keep reading to know the real Kiran behind KiranSawhney.com

BS: Your love for yoga, dancing and Tango Continue Reading..

My Blog is My Marketing Tool – Says Erin Ferree

Blogger of the Week: Erin Ferree from Elf-Design

Erin Ferree from Elf DesignErin Ferree, founder of elf design, helps small businesses stand out from their competition so that they can connect with their best customers. She does this by working with business owners to define their brands, and then using that definition to create logos, marketing materials and websites that show how they shine.
She also believes that all of a business’s brand materials should be not just pretty, but also designed effectively and strategically. This produces a winning combination of materials that communicate visually, look stunning and are designed effectively, … Continue Reading..

“Be Unique” Says Mohammad !

Blogger Of The Week: Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai (author at MyBloggerTricks)

About the Author:
Be Unique Says Mohammad !I am Mohammad Mustafa Ahmedzai, a Computer System Engineering Student and the author of the blog MyBloggerTricks.com
I am an addicted blogger,designer, web enthusiast and a certified SEO. I write first heard tutorials on Blogger tools, resources and their uses with main focus on CSS and HTML.

BS: Welcome to BloggerStop, Mohammad. How long have you been in the Blogosphere? And who/what inspired you to start a blog of your own?
Ans.: Firstly let me thank you Divya Sai for your extreme love, respect and … Continue Reading..

Blogging Made Me A Published Author – Says Michelle

Blogger Of The Week: Michelle Mitton (author at Scribbit)

Scribbit has been featured in publications such as Better Homes and Gardens, The Denver Post and The Wall Street Journal – ranked fifth in the list of ten Top Motherhood Blogs in the Wall Street Journal, “The Blogger Mom in Your Face” by Sue Shellenbarger.

About The Author:

Michelle from ScribbitBlogging from Alaska since 2005 at Scribbit, I’ve worn off the lettering on two keyboards from my inability to keep quiet. Mother to four and wife of Andrew, I’ve won awards from the Anchorage Daily NewsContinue Reading..

Blog Angel Tells You The Key To Successful Blogging

Blogger Of The Week: Joella Molson (a.k.a. Blog Angel).

What She Says:
Joella Molson aka Blog AngelA friendly hello to all the readers at BloggerStop. I am honored at having been asked to do this interview. My name is Joella Molson, also known as Blog Angel. I am the author of Blogs With Wings.com. I created BWW because creating a blog is a leap of faith, a journey into the unknown and I wanted to help other bloggers to succeed. After all, every blog deserves a chance to fly.

BS: Welcome to BloggerStop, Joella. How long have Continue Reading..

Get Your Blog Featured @BloggerStop.Net

If you have an inspirational story to share with the World – then getting it featured on BloggerStop is never so easy. You just need to contact us!

All Bloggers are Influencers

A person is considered a successful influencer, if s/he can inspire at least one other person to follow their dreams and achieve what they want.
Whether you have a single follower on Twitter or millions of fans on Facebook – if you are a Blogger then you certainly do have the power to influence several others.
Every minute a new blog is … Continue Reading..