Pixel: Why I Returned My First Google Product!

I returned my first ever Google Product – Pixel, after one month of using it & 3 days of arguments with the Google staff. It was almost like a breakup… with the company I loved all my life – Google. A company known for its “not to be evil” tagline, has definitely forgotten the basic laws of business (“customer first”)

Why Did I Choose Pixel Over Other Android Devices?

For the most obvious reason: I was in the mindset that by having the software and hardware from the same (and a reputed) company, I will get the most stable … Continue Reading..

How To Quickly Clean Your Gmail Inbox

Gmail is synonymous to email these days. I hardly ever hear people using an alternate email ID.

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And equally famous is email marketing. No digital marketing campaign nowadays is complete without a flavor of email marketing in it.

And what do we get by clubbing these two – A Gmail inbox flooded with spam mails.

If you miss cleaning it even for a single day, your inbox will be filled with hundreds if not thousands of marketing emails.

It so happened … Continue Reading..

New Fonts For Blogger Blogs | Google Web Fonts

New Fonts For Blogger Blogs | Google Web FontsLast Wednesday Google launched a set of new web-fonts, fonts which can be used anywhere on any website freely. The Google Font API allows you to use all these fonts in your own blog.

Check out this new font as an example:

New Fonts For Blogger

So, how to use these fonts on your blog?

For every new font you want to add to your blog, you simply have to paste a single line of code in your blog’s template. Once you are done with it, remember the name of the font and use it anywhere in your blog

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The Best SERP Tool Ever | SEO For Blogs

If you are new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), then SERP or ‘Search Engine Results Page’ is simply the search-results page that is returned to a user when s/he searches something on the Internet (Google/Yahoo etc.), and that “something” is the “keyword” or the “key phrase”.
The Best SERP Tool Ever | SEO For Blogs
A Typical SERP for ‘San Francisco’

As you know that the position of your website/webpage on the search-results page is very important in bringing quality and converting traffic to your site, so SERPs ranking is now an important part of SEO.
There are several hundreds of SERP-tools available on the Internet, which … Continue Reading..

Official Google Buzz Buttons [With Share-Counter] For Your Blog

Official Google Buzz Buttons [With Share-Counter] For Your BlogYesterday Google officially released the Google Buzz Share and Follow buttons.
These buttons will directly post your articles to Google-Buzz, instead of Google-Reader as it was the case in the previous method. Moreover one set of these buttons has a counter too, to count the number of ReBuzzes your article gets.
You can see the working demos of these buttons in many popular websites and blogs including The Washington Post, Blogger, YouTube, The Huffington Post, GigaOM etc.

Instructions to add these official Google-Buzz buttons (to Blogger Blogs):
Visit this page: G-Buzz Stuff
Click on the link … Continue Reading..

Add Google Buzz Buttons To Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs

13th Feb.: Code updated to replace the word null with your blog’s name.
14th Apr.: Now official Google Buzz buttons are available (with a share-counter).

Follow BloggerStop at G-Buzz

First it was Facebook, then Twitter and now it is Google-Buzz.

Being a blogger, you don’t have to worry on who’s copying whom! All these websites let their users interact more easily and for webmasters, it means free traffic with minimum efforts. So, keep all your options open as you never know which of them may bring a big wave of traffic to your blog!

Add Google Buzz Buttons To Blogger/BlogSpot BlogsNow talking

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Speed Matters – Site Speed is an Important SEO Factor Now!

speed upGoogle loves speed, and there’s absolutely no doubt in it. Most of the searches made on Google, return the results within a second. And Google doesn’t want to limit its speed only till the search result pages [SERPs], rather, it is now trying to give the best user experience by showing fast loading pages in its top results.
May be a few years back Google/Matt Cutts had a different opinion, when content and information was given prime importance in search engine ranking. But presently with similar content in hundred’s of pages across the web, page loading speed has to … Continue Reading..

Google PageRank – From Mystery to History ?

Whether you like it or not, but “PageRank distribution of your webpages” has been permanently removed from your Google Webmaster Tools account.
PageRank Removed or Dead

Along with the recent introduction of Labs in GWT, the option to view PageRank Distribution and Page with highest PageRank under “Crawl Stats” has been removed from GWT.
In the words of Susan Moskwa, Webmaster Trends Analyst, Google.

We’ve been telling people for a long time that they shouldn’t focus on PageRank so much; many site owners seem to think it’s the most important metric for them to track, which is simply not true. We removed

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Embed Images In Gmail [Add Some Extra Smiley Icons Too]

Embed Images In Gmail [Add Some Extra Smiley Icons Too]

Simply attaching an image in Gmail does not give you access to position the image in the email.
But through Gmail-Labs, now you can easily embed images in your emails (in between the content) just like you do it in MS Word documents or while writing your blog posts.

To enable this feature in your Gmail account, go to Gmail Labs, by clicking the green symbol at the top-right corner of the screen.

Embed Images In Gmail [Add Some Extra Smiley Icons Too]

Then browse through all the new features of Gmail labs to find these two:
1. Inserting Images
2. Extra Emoji

Embed Images In Gmail [Add Some Extra Smiley Icons Too]

Enable any/both of them, and simply click … Continue Reading..

Google Gmail Server Is Down – Surfers Suffering !

Gmail is down today and panic is everywhere. As I have redirected all my mails to my Gmail account, so I don’t have any other choice but to wait till they troubleshoot their servers.
Google Gmail Server Is Down - Surfers Suffering !

But the problem is that, even the Engineers at Google do not know what went wrong, here’s what they have to say on this:

“We aren’t sure what the problem is. Our engineers are working on it,” a spokesman for Google told Pocket-lint.

According to the comments at pocket-lint the problem is not limited to any specific country, but all over the world, people are unable

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