Link Building From Authoritative Websites

For SEO, if Content is King then Backlinks are its Queens
Kings used to be polygamous. The more number of queens – mightier the King. Same is the case with our King (content) – more the number of backlinks more authoritative your website becomes.

And just like the queen of a chess board, backlinks are the most powerful part of a SEO strategy.
Getting a single backlink from a high DA website like a newspaper or a media website can exponentially increase your own Page and Domain authority.

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How To Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Optimize LinkedIn ProfileIf you haven’t yet added LinkedIn to your social media arsenal, it’s high time you should. With over 135 million users–many of whom are professionals at the top of their game–this is the ideal place for linking with valuable connections and getting yourself noticed in your field.

Here are a few tips to help you optimize your LinkedIn Profile for networking with the pros, showing off your talents, and capturing new clients.

Your Image

Unless you actually possess a blank face with no eyes, mouth, or nose, the default LinkedIn image will not reflect who you are. Plus, in the

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9 Best Ways To Build Links To Your Blog

9 Best Ways To Build Links To Your BlogA lot of bloggers are constantly on the look out for getting as many back links to their blog as possible. The reason for this being its generation of loads of free traffic. The more back links one has to their blog the better is ones ranking with major search engines. While there are many things that contribute to one’s blog figuring on the top of the search engines, link building is a sure shot method to do so.
Following is a list of best ways to build backlinks to your blog:
  1. Submit your articles to good article directories such
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30 Best & Well-Liked Money Management Websites

Many of us are not good with handling in our finance. No matter how hard we try to follow the budget, but by the end of the month we hardly have any clue so as to where all the money has gone. This badly affects our long term financial goals. One easy way to deal with this persistent problem is to make use of money management websites which keeps a close track on each and every transaction made by us and helps us to deal with our finance in a much better way.
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How to Make Your Content Perform Again and Again

This is one of the best posts by Lindaw Foreshaw, that will take your attention to your own posts giving them a makeover and bring back all the traffic that those posts truly deserve.
How to Make Your Content Perform Again and Again

If you’ve been in the blogging world for more than a nanosecond, you’ll no doubt have heard that content is some sort of royalty. You may even have come across Seth Godin’s message that content marketing is the only kind of marketing left. Does that mean you should be furiously tapping away at your keyboard writing new content until repetitive strain injury brings you to

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Blogging for Moms

There used to be a thought that all, or most, bloggers are men. In fact, that is not true. There are literally millions of bloggers out there who are not only women, but moms. Mothers are some of the most prolific bloggers because a lot of them either work from home, have taken maternity leave, or are stay at home moms. They have the time and energy necessary to blog every day, like successful bloggers should. Sometimes, though, even mommies run out of things to write about. With that in mind, I wanted to share a few ideas for blog … Continue Reading..

Tips on How to Get your Blog Noticed…and Read!

Tips on How to Get your Blog Noticed…and Read!

Blogging is a brilliant idea to get your business or services noticed on the World Wide Web. But there are millions of blogs on the internet and still you feel an urge to create a blog for yourself as you know that this is a good step for you and your business. Blogs, if created perfectly, can drive a lot of traffic towards your website and in no time you will be regarded as an expert in your field. Blogging is also a great tool to interact with your customers and potential clients. The real challenge is to get your

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4 Tips for Organizing And Uncluttering your Blog Archive

A guest post contributed by George Baker, who regularly writes for

4 Tips for Organizing And Uncluttering your Blog Archive

A well organized blog has a tone of respectability as well as being easy for your followers to search through for their favorite articles. Unfortunately, many bloggers let their blog devolve into a mess of discombobulated pieces. In the name of creating order out of the chaos that is far too many blogs, here are my top 10 tips for organizing your blog archive.

1. Use Pages on Your Blog

The most important thing that you can do to improve the fluidity of your blog experience is to

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Three Quick Tips for Attracting Traffic to Your Blog

A guest post contributed by Katheryn Rivas, who regularly writes for

Three Quick Tips for Attracting Traffic to Your BlogSearch engine optimization (SEO) has been the hot topic in all areas of the blogosphere for years now. Now that creating and maintaining a blog has become fairly simple, bloggers and wannabe bloggers are all about getting readers and creating traffic. While there are dozens and dozens of tips and tricks to mastering SEO available on the web, these three tips are simple and often overlooked.

One of the most important aspects of optimizing your blog is learning to link intelligently. This is an area

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10 Things Every Blogging Office Needs

A guest post by James Adams, editor and contributor to the CreativeCloud blog.

10 Things Every Blogging Office NeedsBeing a professional blogger isn’t as simple as waking up one morning and stating, “I am a blogger, look out world!” Like any other discipline or endeavour, being a successful blogger means that you have to take the job seriously. That means working with dedication, planning and forethought. Having the right tools is an essential part of being a blogger, as you need the right tools in order to get the job done.

1. Computer or Laptop: There is no doubt one of the key tools

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