Cloud Computing – for The NOT SO Technical Netizens

For the last several months, I have been using and suggesting my readers to use OpenDrive to host their files online, which also allows them to hotlink their files; An important requirement if you want to host and embed MP3 players in to your blogs.
While using this service I got a chance to use their cloud computing based OpenDrive Desktop too. Here, in this article, I am not going to tell you the technical basics of Cloud Computing, viz. IaaS, PaaS, SaaS etc. but just the basics – how can a person with a PC and an Internet … Continue Reading..

40 Gbps Internet Connection

40 Gbps Internet ConnectionHer first computer40 Gbps Internet Connection
has a 40 Gbps internet connection

A 75 year old woman from Karlstad in central Sweden has been thrust into the IT history books – with the world’s fastest internet connection.

Sigbritt Löthberg’s, who had never had a computer until now, is no ordinary 75 year old. She is the mother of Swedish internet legend Peter Löthberg who, along with Karlstad Stadsnät, the local council’s network arm, has arranged the connection.

Sigbritt will now be able to enjoy 1,500 high definition HDTV channels simultaneously. Or, if there is nothing worth watching there, she will be able to … Continue Reading..

Embed Images In Gmail [Add Some Extra Smiley Icons Too]

Embed Images In Gmail [Add Some Extra Smiley Icons Too]

Simply attaching an image in Gmail does not give you access to position the image in the email.
But through Gmail-Labs, now you can easily embed images in your emails (in between the content) just like you do it in MS Word documents or while writing your blog posts.

To enable this feature in your Gmail account, go to Gmail Labs, by clicking the green symbol at the top-right corner of the screen.

Embed Images In Gmail [Add Some Extra Smiley Icons Too]

Then browse through all the new features of Gmail labs to find these two:
1. Inserting Images
2. Extra Emoji

Embed Images In Gmail [Add Some Extra Smiley Icons Too]

Enable any/both of them, and simply click … Continue Reading..

How to check for secured and popular websites

Be Secured
Nowadays, Spamming and Phishing is everywhere on Internet, and it usually increases even more in festivals time, as people start purchasing more on Internet.
So take these simple steps to prevent internet spamming and phishing…..

To check whether the website is secure or not, follow these methods:

1. First of all simply check the url or the web address of the website/web page:
it should be;
https://www.***.com, instead of usual

Notice the extra “S” after “http“. This extra S is very important, especially if you are planning to purchase something from that website.

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Yahoo Says You Are LOST With Google

In a new flash advertisement by Yahoo, a series of slides are being displayed, which clearly shows the name of most popular search engine, and says :
People get lost in the huge number of links shown in Google search results, so you should better start searching on Yahoo (in the advertisement it is specific to music videos search).
I think it is quite unethical to directly show the name of your opponent, to promote your own product. Comments are welcome. The screen shots of the flash advertisement can be seen below:Yahoo new ad against Google Yahoo new ad against Google 1 Yahoo new ad against Google 2 Yahoo new ad against Google 3 Yahoo new ad against Google 4 Yahoo new ad against Google 5
The advert is somewhat being shown like … Continue Reading..

SEO Plugins / Add-ons For Firefox

Webmaster are usually advised to use all kinds of popular web browsers, as the visitors may be using any of those browsers, and the website has to be optimized for all the browsers. But, mostly webmasters prefer Mozilla Firefox, due to the fact that it is an open source software, and so the available number of add-ons or plug-ins for this browser are tremendous and are well categorized by Mozilla to be searched easily.
Here, you will find a list of Add-ons which are a must for web masters, for optimising their websites for not only for visitors but also … Continue Reading..

GoogleIndia Is Blogging

Namaste, India!

These are the first two words in the latest regional blog from Google – The official Google India Blog, launched on 15th October, 2008. As usual Google has kept the same Official Google layout for this blog too. The Alexa ranking just for the past 15 days, or you can say for the first 15 days of this blog has reached to less than 2,00,000, which does show a tremendous traffic to this blog, which up till now has posted just 3 posts.
Actually I am a bit surprised, that why Google has been so late in … Continue Reading..

Next Gen Computing – World And Web United

Technology never stops, but sometimes does become monotonous. So here is the latest in Computer Technology – Connecting the Real world with the Virtual world at Lightning speed.
Imagine a computer of the size of a palmtop, but no keyboard and mouse, completely touch screen, and literally nothing else. It can scan, save, store and analyze anything like a Digital camera connected to a computer via blue-tooth to a high speed computer, with an image editing software installed.

Scan any newspaper or a document, select any word, that’s it – Dictionary and Thesaurus for that word will be displayed.

Latest Scanning Glass Computers
Latest Scanning Glass Computers

Take … Continue Reading..