Boost Your Social Media Shares

First things first – This article is a practical DIY guide to increase your social media shares count.
I am assuming that you already know the basics of writing a good shareable article; an article that will be liked by others. It can be entertaining, controversial or informative.
If you are completely new to the blogosphere then I have briefly described the pre-requisites for an article that’s likable & shareable at the end of this guide. But primarily…
This article simply tells you the secret of getting more social shares.
And believe me, by the end
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How To Embed Youtube Videos Responsively (Mobile Friendly)

Here’s a quick tutorial to embed Youtube videos responsively for your audience on mobile devices.

How To Embed Youtube Videos Responsively (Mobile Friendly)

If you directly add Youtube videos to your website or blog without making them responsive, then the video might go out of the frame on smaller screens – forcing your readers to tilt their screens or they may just leave your blog or website without watching the complete video.

Here’s a screenshot which shows you the difference between a non-responsive and responsive embeded Youtube video:

How To Embed Youtube Videos Responsively (Mobile Friendly)
View Live Demo Here

So here’s how you embed Youtube videos in responsive layouts

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Embed Presidential Debate Tweets In Blogger In 2 Minutes

embed presidential tweets in your blog in 2 minutes

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add the ongoing “Tweets from the Presidential Debates of 2016” to your blog. The process hardly takes 2 minutes, if you already have a Twitter and a Blogger/Wordpress account.
Although I have made this tutorial specific to the ongoing presidential debates of 2016, but you can follow the same process to embed tweets of any Twitter #Hashtag.

This tutorial has mainly two parts:
1. Take the code from Twitter.
2. Paste it in your Blogger/Wordpress blog

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Easiest Way To Add (On Hover) Pinterest Icon To All The Images Of Your Blog

Recently while writing an article on “How To Add Floating Share Widget To Blogger Blogs“, I stumbled on an easy way to make the images of a blog shareable.

Easiest Way To Add (On Hover) Pinterest Icon To All The Images Of Your Blog

In a nutshell, once you add a single line of code to your blog and when readers hover their mouse on the images within your blog (both new and existing images), small Pinterest buttons will appear on them. If your images are attractive enough, then they will be shared on Pinterest along with a backlink to original article and it will get you a boost in traffic from Pinterest.… Continue Reading..

Floating Share Buttons With Total Shares Count For Your BlogSpot Blog

Floating Share Buttons With Total Shares Count For Your BlogSpot Blog

There are many tutorials on Internet that can help you add a floating widget with multiple share buttons for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus etc. But most of them require much of your effort for such an easy task, specially if you want to show the “Total Shares Count“, unlike this one on BloggerStop.

In this article you will be given with two options (both are equally easy) through which you can add a floating sharing widget with all the possible variations for both desktop and mobile devices.

First have a look at the working demo…
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SMO – Facebook Meta Tags For Blogger Blogs

Meta Tags are really important for blogs and websites, not just for Search Engine Optimization but for Social Media Optimization as well. If you are not sure on the status of your meta tags for SEO (Google), then do have a look at this post first: Check Your Meta Tags and How To Add Them To Blogger Blogs. Also, make sure that you do not have duplicate meta tags in your Blogger blogs.

In this tutorial you are going to add meta tags for Facebook – a must if you are planning to link your blog to your

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7 Free Tools For Monitoring Your Online Reputation

When you consider how much business and socializing is conducted online, it’s no wonder that maintaining a good online reputation is a key element in being a success these days. It doesn’t make a difference if it’s for personal or business reasons; if you have a bad name online, your effectiveness will suffer for it. Having and maintaining a good reputation is important.
7 Free Tools For Monitoring Your Online Reputation
Consider these seven tools for your reputation-monitoring toolbox

The problem many people and businesses face is having the wherewithal to keep tabs on their online reputation. Here are seven free tools for monitoring your reputation and hopefully

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4 Reasons to Promote Your Blog on Facebook and Twitter

4 Reasons to Promote Your Blog on Facebook and Twitter

This may come as a surprise but a lot of people hesitate when it comes to blog promotion on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes it’s because they don’t want certain people to know about their blog, other times it’s because they don’t want to look like they’re spamming up their friends and followers feeds, and sometimes it just comes down to the fact that they don’t know how or even realize that they should be doing so. However not using Facebook and Twitter for your blog promotion is a massive mistake. Here are four reasons you need

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Add A TweetQuote To Your Blogger Blog

Add A TweetQuote To Your Blogger BlogIn HTML/CSS, when you quote a piece of text from other websites/web pages, then it is usually done through customized quote boxes, called as blockquotes. You can read, add and customize these blockquotes in your blog from this tutorial:
Customize Blockquote In Your BlogSpot Blog

Now, in this tutorial you will be able to add a sub-type of blockquotes: Tweetquote, to your blog.
Many tweets go viral on Twitter and many a times, we do find tweets worth sharing with our readers on our blogs. So, here is a creative & professional way to (re)publish tweets on your blogs:

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Add Google Buzz Buttons To Blogger/BlogSpot Blogs

13th Feb.: Code updated to replace the word null with your blog’s name.
14th Apr.: Now official Google Buzz buttons are available (with a share-counter).

Follow BloggerStop at G-Buzz

First it was Facebook, then Twitter and now it is Google-Buzz.

Being a blogger, you don’t have to worry on who’s copying whom! All these websites let their users interact more easily and for webmasters, it means free traffic with minimum efforts. So, keep all your options open as you never know which of them may bring a big wave of traffic to your blog!

Add Google Buzz Buttons To Blogger/BlogSpot BlogsNow talking

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