How To Change WordPress Permalinks in SEO Friendly Way

What you are going to learn from this tutorial:
1. The correct permalink (url) structure you should use for your blog or website
2. How to change permalinks (url) in a SEO friendly way, if you are not already using the correct permalink structure.

The Not-So SEO Friendly URL / Permalink Structure

Whether it is Blogger or WordPress, the default permalink structure in both of them is wrong if you care for SEO. But at least you have the freedom to change it in WordPress. And this is one of the many reasons that motivated me to shift … Continue Reading..

Correct Way To Use Permalinks In Blogger Blogs

Permalinks are the URLs which you get once you publish an article on Blogger/BlogSpot.
Correct Way To Use Permalinks In Blogger Blogs
While bloggers usually focus more on content and headlines but they should give equal (if not more) importance to the Permalinks as well.

First, let’s see what exactly are Permalinks, which are taking importance almost equal to that of Post-Titles and Post-Content itself.

What Are Permalinks

In simple words – it’s the physical address where your articles (or any web page) can be located.

Have a look at Google’s Homepage permalink…

Yes, that’s the same as, but their About page has a different … Continue Reading..

Optimize Your Blog Posts Titles – SEO For Blogger

In Blogger (and WordPress) post titles are made up of two elements: (1) Actual Post Title and (2) Your Blog’s Name. And you have a choice to display this combination as either:

Blog Name | Post Title


Post Title | Blog Name

(optimized for Search Engines)

In Blogger, the default way of displaying the title is definitely not SEO friendly. Showing your blog name before the article title hides important keywords which “must” be present in your title. This is because, search engines like Google cannot show complete titles in search results and … Continue Reading..