How To Change WordPress Permalinks in SEO Friendly Way

What you are going to learn from this tutorial:
1. The correct permalink (url) structure you should use for your blog or website
2. How to change permalinks (url) in a SEO friendly way, if you are not already using the correct permalink structure.

The Not-So SEO Friendly URL / Permalink Structure

Whether it is Blogger or WordPress, the default permalink structure in both of them is wrong if you care for SEO. But at least you have the freedom to change it in WordPress. And this is one of the many reasons that motivated me to shift … Continue Reading..

How To Get 100 PageSpeed Score On Test My Site – Google

Okay, it’s not exactly what I got – a perfect PageSpeed Score 100. But take a look at the results I achieved with no code editing at all and by using just 3 WordPress plugins. And then decide whether to follow my tips or not:


How To Get 100 PageSpeed Score On Test My Site - Google


And just to emphasize the difference that these plugins have made to the score, I started optimizing BloggerStop with these scores two days back:




Once again, I did not do any editing in the code and simply tried a number of plugins which won’t cost a penny and did Continue Reading..

How To Fix Mixed Content Warning & Force SSL / https Across WordPress

Recently I migrated my blog BloggerStop from Blogger to WordPress.

Then applied an SSL certificate (https protocol) across the blog. That means, all the pages of this blog written several years ago, suddenly got moved to a secured https connection from the old-school http connection.

But I wasn’t able to force SSL across the WordPress blog successfully.

What I wanted to see in the browser was a green lock, like this:


But it did not appear instantly, rather I got a warning of mixed content. You can go through that link if you want to know the … Continue Reading..