Tips on How to Get your Blog Noticed…and Read!

Tips on How to Get your Blog Noticed…and Read!

Blogging is a brilliant idea to get your business or services noticed on the World Wide Web. But there are millions of blogs on the internet and still you feel an urge to create a blog for yourself as you know that this is a good step for you and your business. Blogs, if created perfectly, can drive a lot of traffic towards your website and in no time you will be regarded as an expert in your field. is also a great tool to interact with your customers and potential clients. The real challenge is to get your blog noticed by the readers in the swarm of millions of similar blogs. If you follow the following tips meticulously then we are sure that in a very short time you can get your blog noticed and read.

1) Write Good Headlines
Writing compelling headlines is a must for any blog. Almost 80% of the readers will only read the headlines while the remaining 20% will go through the entire story. So here lies the power of the headline of your blog. This alone can make or break the prospect of your blog. The headline must grab the attention of the reader and it should actually hard sell the entire article. Such is the power of headlines!

2) Share Your Blog
Share your blog post on every conceivable social media network that you can think of. If you are not promoting your post then nobody else will do it for you. The blog must be very easy to share. You can make use of the Digg – Digg floating sidebar as it helps people to share blog posts easily and quickly.

3) Comment on Other Blogs
The simplest way to get your blog noticed is by commenting on the blogs of others. Everyday you must be reading certain number of blogs but do you actually leave a comment on any of those? You must leave comments on others’ blogs so that if people click on your name they are automatically navigated to your own blog. It is very easy and you can start right away. Once you start leaving comments on others’ bogs, you will find that the viewership of your blog also increases steadily.
NOTE: While commenting on blogs, it is highly important to keep in mind the fine line of difference between promoting your blog by adding valuable content to the other blog and NOT SPAMMING it.

4) Add Media
Photos bring your blog to life and even help to personalize it and make it more interesting. But it does not mean that you will add a photo to each and every post. Only add photos to those blogs which the readers will appreciate it.

5) Fill the Meta Data & Tags
The Meta description and the title must be filled up so that your blog is easily found by the search engines. You should never skip this step as the tags are very important. These tags act as keywords for the blog posts and people will easily find your blog with the help of these ‘keywords’. If you are using WordPress then we recommend that you use SEO Ultimate plugin as this has been rated as the best SEO plugin in the market.
Getting your blog noticed and read is not a Herculean task. Just follow these easy steps and very soon you will be a successful blogger.

About The Author: Margaret is a writer, illustrator & blogger. She loves writing and traveling. Blogging is her passion. These days she is working with Seo Company and developing WordPress plugin to increase user interaction.

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This was an informative article. Thanks for your help!

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these are very useful tips. thanks for sharing! 🙂

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