Traffic Exchange Widgets – Wahoha vs MGID vs 2Leep vs ZapArena…

Updated on 21st September, 2016: Although some sites mentioned here, like Zaparena, BlogExplosion and EntreCard no longer exist but rest of the advise given in this post is still valid. MGID still ranks much better than other traffic exchange websites.

The Good

A few years back, there were only a few social networking sites (Digg, Stumbleupon, Reddit, Delicious etc.) which used to circulate the content across the Internet. But there are a number of limitations to these sites;
Firstly, none of these websites guarantee any minimum amount of traffic to you. Secondly, visitors coming from these sites are mostly the registered members of these sites (although the number of members in these sites is very large but definitely limited). And finally, in almost all these networks only a dozen or so popular websites get maximum benefits (read traffic). Nowadays you can expect significant traffic from these sites only if you have a breaking news or something really bizarre.

The Better

So the next option to make your content viral is to use “manual” traffic exchange sites/widgets like LinkWithin, BlogExplosion and EntreCard etc. where you have to manually visit other blogs, and in exchange other members of those sites visit your blog.

Again, even this system cannot promise traffic forever;
First of all, you have to visit other blogs, whether you are interested in doing so or not – a complete waste of time and sooner or later you will lose interest in doing that regularly. Secondly, the traffic coming from these sites is mostly non-targeted and they usually leave the website from the landing page itself, raising the blog bounce rate. And of course, this type of traffic exchange is also completely limited to the number of registered members.

The Best

Recently, you would have noticed many blogs (including BloggerStop.Net) with a new type traffic exchange widget. This is how these widgets work:
These widgets show different content from various blogs/websites on your site (you can place the widget anywhere on the blog – at BloggerStop, it is there right below this post). The links are shown in the form of small windows with some text (titles). See the example below this post (widget from MGID).

If you send 100 visitors to other blogs via this widget, then in return, your posts will be shown on other blogs in a similar way and you will receive anywhere between 250-400 visits (150-300%).

Now, if you are ready to add this kind of widget to your blog, then you will find a number of websites (from MGID, Wahoha, 2Leep, ZapArena etc.) offering exactly the same service with similar claims of around 150-300% traffic. But to make your job easier, I have already tried all of them and selected the best one for you.

The two main criteria of selection were:

1. The overall design of the widget and the title & picture selection (unique for each post submitted from the blog). A “Perfectly Cropped” image is the most important part of this whole system. As you know that ‘a picture speaks a thousand words’, so your picture has to be the most attractive one among others to receive maximum clicks.

2. The stats shown by by these traffic exchange sites must match with our records (Google analytics or StatCounter etc.), but unfortunately it wasn’t the case in almost all of them.

The widget I have selected for BloggerStop and which I suggest to my readers is the one from MGID.

Here are the some of the reasons for selecting MGID over others:

1. According to Alexa MGID is ranked one of the US top 500 most visited websites with more than 17 million unique visitors per month;

2. MGID has more than 3000 US partner sites. And they divide their partners/publishers posts into 30 different categories, so that their visitors come from similar websites/blogs.

3. MGID collaborates only with family-friendly, safe for work sites (no gratuitous or inappropriate adult content);

4. Recently their system was updated & optimized & the exchange ratio for most of their partners (publishers) has substantially increased. Therefore most of the publishers are now getting 200%-500% visitors back;

5. Their partners, who also use other similar services, have reported that their widgets are much more clickable. This means that their partners receive even more traffic in return.

6. Many of their partners receive from 5 to 15 page views per user; that’s called quality traffic;

7. MGID’s proprietary system filters provide a unique click ratio of close to 90%. This provides you with only the best traffic;

8. MGID works with blogs, media corporations, networks, and magazines etc. (e.g. AOL, Break Media);

9. With offices in Los Angeles, New York, London, Moscow, Kiev, and Shanghai, their highly experienced team can provide exceptional customer service 24/7.

So, join MGID, grab your widget code and paste it below your posts (recommended) or in the sidebar. Wait for a day or two, your posts will be visible across hundreds and thousands of blogs and you enjoy the traffic.

Image credits: PromotedProfits

57 thoughts on “Traffic Exchange Widgets – Wahoha vs MGID vs 2Leep vs ZapArena…

  1. Every such "Traffic exchange" method has its merits and demerits. But Divya the sites and images your "Wahoha" widget is showing are obscene and can easily be classified as "Adult content". Sorry to say but it is embarrassing to see nude images at a reputed blog like yours.

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  2. I'm Dominik from zaparena. With zaparena you can set up to show bikini girls (adult content) or not in your widgets. Of course bikini girls effect a higher click rate, but for reliable websites it's not a good deal.

    Additional you have the opportunity to earn money with the widgets and ads on zaparena. And we return unique traffic too 😉

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  3. Yeah the 'adult' pictures/posts are of course not suitable for all blogs, but by default all the topics (to be included in the widget) are already selected, so it is creating this problem.
    Anyway, as already mentioned by Chris, it is quite easy to turn those pictures off your blog. Simply login to your Wahoha Webmaster account, and go to the "widgets" section, and un-tick the category "Sexy, Skin, Smut" and also "Celebrities, Fashion"and re-upload your widget. I too have done the same for this blog.

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  4. With Wahoha you don't even need to re-upload your widget after you change the category filter or any other setting. Just make and save your change on the widget control page, and your changes will take effect immediately on your blog.
    This is if you are using our new widget. If you are using the old widget you should upgrade.

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  5. Just started using mgid, was quite surprised that they don't have any system to where you can track the traffic on their site.. (or is this just me?) I can say I like the thought of Wahoha and might switch if I feel I need to track things more but mgid thumbnails and interest of their topics already draw more clicks just in my own opinion. Out of the 6 wahoha thumbnails I see on this page and the next tab I just loaded in another window, none of them look interesting.

    Anyhow thanks very much for the article because this is exactly what I was looking for are the others networks that do this widget stuff

    Also I want to ask a question, do these traffic exchange widgets hurt your site in anyway by leaking out PR because they contain 6 links or more on a single page? Just wondering if anyone else has this paranoia

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  6. I've only used Mgid so far and I've been using it since 2 months now. I should i agree with you that its the heaviest in terms of loading time and I can't compare all of them at the moment since I'm just about to try the ones you suggested here. I will come back and update my status here once i've used it.

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  7. Hi sai ….
    I registered in wahoha after 1 day i try to login wahoha account but i can't able to login it gives login failed error …

    my my login credentials are absolutely correct…

    for the reason i created another account in that also i face same problem ….

    for that reason i remove the widget…

    Help Me …

    Funny Stuff

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  8. @technomedic@DiGi-PASSION If you dont want to get nude pics then properly select the category from only nature,photography and other categories that you think you wont get adult pics

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  9. is there anyone here that can help me with some info ?

    Any idea if i can modify something in html code to change the way that thumbnails open when accessed (on a blogger thumbnail template)?

    Example.. : I want to set my thumbnails on the pages to open postthe image instantly.. as it happends when clicking the title of the post.

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  10. mgid hits for quality and relevancy. That's their "problem", so to say. They have really awesome teasers, unlike wahoha/zaparena (2leep is doing pretty good too, but still lots of trash pics)

    Let's dig deeper… Take a look at your posts: all about blogging, widgets, templates and stuff, right? Sure it's interesting for.. let's say, 0,5% of americans, but let's face it, for the rest of us it's crap and no-one would click on that. I'm sure that if they used "bikini girls" everywhere they'd return you 400-infinity%, but they don't. In fact, i haven't seen any adult content on their teasers. That's the main reason of the low traffic from mgid, IMO.
    My blog about funny stuff, and another one about movies are doing great with their widget!

    So it's all about the content. If you get low traffic, you should try to dilute your content somehow (e.g. add some tech news, how-to's or something like that).

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  11. hey ya ! Thanks for you help Its just cool, But can you tell me please how can i get 1000 visitors for daily , coz Mgid required 1000 visitors for signup. well i am using now zaparena and its pending till yet.

    and i ve another problem with my site, can you please tell me please how can i delete blogger Images, Actually I already deleted some posts but Images are still there. How to fix this.

    Thanks! 🙂

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  12. Well, I think that 1000 visitors requirement used to be there earlier and now it is not there – so you can apply to MGID as a publisher.

    To delete the images, log in at using your gmail/blogger login details. Then there'll be a directory by the name of your blog, go inside it and delete the images you want to.

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  13. I think while these traffic exchanges increase traffic, sometimes profoundly, they definitely cheapen blogs. I have used Wahoha, 2leep and MGID. Wahoha and 2leep display unsavory images. Wahoha's option to turn adult content off is not always effective since some the pictures don't get labeled in their system that way. Some may not be adult in nature just disgusting. Wahoha encourage the smut pictures because of their high CTR, I exchanged emails with a very rude employee of theirs. MGID shows more respectable pictures but as mentioned early you get a lower return. I have done away with them for now till I make further assessments and work on making my blog fundamentally better. (

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  14. There is one more Traffic Exchange service that is more effective than MGID Family friendly content like at MGID, exchange ratio is higher, bounce is lower. But the most effective thing it is to use them both. I'm getting 4 times more traffic than when I used 2leep and MGID!

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  15. promotes itself as a provider of audience-development services. Which simply means if you have a website, approach them and they can increase the traffic to your site within a short span of time.

    A lot of the website owners don’t care about where this traffic is coming from, but in actual fact around 90 percent of web traffic comes from porn, adult or dating websites, so if you are unaware of such issues then Beware!

    This low quality ‘traffic’ really affects the browsing experience of users in one or another way. You would be amazed to know that web traffic generators often have thousands of sister websites, for example:, which simply means they generate traffic by using such websites. All these websites have a responsibility to magnetize visitors from across the globe, but on the contrary, in actuality, they use very cheap tricks and deceptive practices to generate traffic.

    In simple words, such websites attract users by adding sleazy, exploitative, nude and semi-nude pictures on the websites. If you click on a nude picture then you’ll be directed towards a website that has no relation with that image, and usually back to or its affiliates. It is the main method used by traffic generators like has a number of dating sites, often using different names. It also has some ‘information’ or ‘news’ websites but those websites too have such spam type links or images that make the user experience extremely poor.

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  16. Hello mate.

    I work with Mgid in the gaming/arcade niche and I can guarantee to you that they aren't feeding the system with crap traffic.
    I know lot of others Gaming Webmaster that have Mgid on their sites, and we're just sending traffic to each other through Mgid 🙂

    the visitors have good quality, seeing about 4 page/visitor.


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